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Columbus FGotM, Nov 15-16, Requiem

On this page, you will find IC and OOC information about the Southeast Region's Featured Game of the Month for November 2013, as hosted by the Columbus GA Domain (GA-013-D).

If you would like to pre-register your Requiem PC for this Camarilla/MES special event, or if you have questions for our lead storyteller, please contact our Venue Storyteller, Kimberly Cooper.
If you have non-game related questions about the NerdaCon convention, available crash space, or special event prestige opportunities, please contact our Domain Coordinator, .

Please note that the information on this page is in flux as the venue staff works to solidify plans for this special annual event.  :)


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Columbus GA Domain, GA-013-D
Twilight Basin domain website
Columbus GA Requiem Venue Stylesheet
Columbus GA Requiem venue map

Camarilla/MES LARP at Davidson Auditorium
Friday & Saturday, Nov 15-16, 6pm–11pm EST

Columbus State University, Davidson Student Center
4225 University Avenue, Columbus GA 31907
during NerdaCon, a Campus Nerds event
$0 badge fee, but site donations are welcome

HOST HOTELS w/ CSU event rate
La Quinta Inn-State University, 706-323-4344, $69
Wingate by Wyndham, 706-225-1000, $85
Courtyard Columbus, 706-323-2323, $99
List of other CSU Partner hotels

Twilight Basin Requiem
MES, Columbus GA

The information presented below is considered to be public knowledge across known kindred society. The information presented on the linked domain tabs represents the information known to the Columbus Praxis at large. Please err on the side of IC ignorance if there is doubt of whether or not your PC is aware of the clan and covenant affiliation (or, as for the Others, about the very existence) of these PCs and NPCs, or any local news events connected to them.

Requiem Premise

Information about the IC premise and event scheduling will be added soon, and will also be made available via the Southeast-Requiem-IC mailing list.