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-- Wiki page for the MES Requiem game in Columbus GA.

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Meta-gaming Disclaimer
The information contained on and linked from this page is Out of Character Knowledge unless your character is an acknowledged member of this IC Court or unless your PC has been given specific information by a PC resident of the city - the sections on IC Rumors and Common Knowledge being the only exception. This page does not exist in this form, but rather as a collection of PC-to-PC recitations, personal memories, and Masquerade-safe notes recorded by past and current characters. We encourage tools that help players in remembering the knowledge their characters have accumulated over the centuries, and appreciate your abiding with the MES Honor System where the information found here is concerned. Metagaming, in any form, will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are ONLY recruiting members who are interested in promoting the concepts of the venue setting as written in the published source material. We welcome correspondence with all storytellers and players regarding any aspect of our in-game concept. Thanks!


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The Prince's Seal

Twilight Basin Requiem
MES, Columbus GA

These locations are known to kindred society, at large, though the specifics presented on the linked pages may or may not be public knowledge outside the local Court, and represents ONLY the information known to the Praxis at large. Please err on the side of IC ignorance if there is doubt of whether or not your PC is aware of Haven stat qualities for any of these in-game locations.

Court-sponsored Locations

The AFLAC Building

  • Public details about this in-game location.

Liberty Theatre

  • Public details about the new ELYSIUM.

Little White House

  • This ELYSIUM is located in FDR State Park in NE Harris County, GA.

Springer Opera House

  • Public details about this in-game location.


PC-owned Locations

Hayden Sinclair owns SHILOH CREEK on behalf of the various members of House Loris - a very old, dreadfully Southern plantation house on several acres of land in northeast Harris County. It's considered an honor to be invited to "Sunday dinner" at Shiloh Creek, a monthly social affair at which minor Court business is casually conducted.

Orlando 'Beach' Lido owns SUNDOWN - a two story tiki-themed paradise serving cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere. Once per month the establishment closes for a private party catering to the vampires of Columbus. Sundown is not an Elysium, but proper manners are expected and the Master of Elysium is allowed to arbitrate disputes and enforce good behavior on the property.

The Dagger owns THE SHOW - a back alley underground basement bar; one of those you have to go down steps to get into. Most nights it's filled with shady or goth type people, kind of like a dark New Orleans bar. It's an after hours bar and opens up around 1am. The bar is small and has three rooms - the bar area, a side area for "VIPs" (that also serves as an alternate place for the vampires of House Loris to meet if they have need), and The Show Room - a stage on which he performs twice a month. This brings in people who like to see carnival type shows eating glass, knife throwing, sword swallowing, and that sort of thing but with a macabre theme.