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-- Wiki page for the MES Requiem game in Columbus GA.

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If you would like to play a character in the "Twilight Basin Requiem" game, please contact our Venue Storyteller, Kimberly Cooper.
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Meta-gaming Disclaimer
The information contained on and linked from this page is Out of Character Knowledge unless your character is an acknowledged member of this IC Court or unless your PC has been given specific information by a PC resident of the city - the sections on IC Rumors and Common Knowledge being the only exception. This page does not exist in this form, but rather as a collection of PC-to-PC recitations, personal memories, and Masquerade-safe notes recorded by past and current characters. We encourage tools that help players in remembering the knowledge their characters have accumulated over the centuries, and appreciate your abiding with the MES Honor System where the information found here is concerned. Metagaming, in any form, will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are ONLY recruiting members who are interested in promoting the concepts of the venue setting as written in the published source material. We welcome correspondence with all storytellers and players regarding any aspect of our in-game concept. Thanks!


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The Prince's Seal

Twilight Basin Requiem
MES, Columbus GA

The information presented below may or may not be public knowledge outside the local Court, and represents ONLY the information known to the Praxis at large. Please err on the side of IC ignorance if there is doubt of whether or not your PC is aware of the clan and covenant affiliation (or, as for the Others, about the very existence) of these PCs and NPCs.

Media Reports in 2013

As of June

  • A curfew has been placed on Columbus. No one is allowed on the streets after 12:00 midnight unless they have a work permit to be out. 67000 signatures passed this legislation headed up by Dr. Patricia Patell.

As of August

  • The curfew instigated by Dr. Patricia Patell has been suspended. Columbus city officials have promised residents and business owners a full investigation into the questionable number of signatures on the petition requesting it and the suspicious manner in which the legislation, itself, was so hastily approved.