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-- Wiki page for the MES Requiem game in Columbus GA.

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Meta-gaming Disclaimer
The information contained on and linked from this page is Out of Character Knowledge unless your character is an acknowledged member of this IC Court or unless your PC has been given specific information by a PC resident of the city - the sections on IC Rumors and Common Knowledge being the only exception. This page does not exist in this form, but rather as a collection of PC-to-PC recitations, personal memories, and Masquerade-safe notes recorded by past and current characters. We encourage tools that help players in remembering the knowledge their characters have accumulated over the centuries, and appreciate your abiding with the MES Honor System where the information found here is concerned. Metagaming, in any form, will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are ONLY recruiting members who are interested in promoting the concepts of the venue setting as written in the published source material. We welcome correspondence with all storytellers and players regarding any aspect of our in-game concept. Thanks!


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The Prince's Seal

Twilight Basin Requiem
MES, Columbus GA

The events listed below may or may not be public knowledge outside the local Court. Please err on the side of IC ignorance if there is doubt of whether or not your PC is aware of these events.

Events by Year (1700-1799)

  • 17__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.
  • 17__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.


Events by Year (1800-1899)

  • 18__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.
  • 18__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.


Events by Year (1900-1999)

  • 19__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.
  • 19__
    • Month - Incident involving _PC(s)_.


Events by Year (2000-Current)

  • 2000
    • May - PRAXIS CHANGE - Asher Al-Khalid (PC: Seth S), an Invictus of Clan Gangrel claims praxis.
  • 2013
    • May 25 - High Court - a Court-hosted celebration marking the thirteen year anniversary of Duke Al-Khalid's praxis coup. The local clans and covenants meet so their members can re-swear their public commitments and oaths of fealty. A mysterious present was left for the Duke, in memory of "the massacred thirteen".
    • June 22 - Summer Solstice Celebration - an openly-biased competition hosted by Mx McCreary, Hag Haunt, Hierophant of the local Circle at a park tenurially-owned by Seneschal Sinclair. Though winners for each competition were declared, there was little doubt as to the true nature of the games. At the end of the evening, the Prisci Council declared their desire for future strife by appointing a Council Harpy.
    • July 27 - Independence Day Celebration - hosted by the Upstarts at Sundown, this marks the first time that Duke Al-Khalid accepted the invitation to call the residents of his domain to join the Carthians in their annual festivities. The Carthians shared with the domain a "guest's helping" of their methods and culture, and then turned the evening over to the Court to pursue investigations and praxis business. Although many things across the city went "wrong" that night, the Duke was said to be quite pleased with the efforts and insightful preparations of his Carthian residents.
    • August 24 - The Dog Days of Summer's War - praxis readiness games hosted by Seneschal Sinclair and Royal Harpy Quinn at Ft McCreary. Three challenges were issued to the local kindred residents and their visiting guests as they split up to "attack" or "defend"; these games were designed to help Duke Al-Khalid assess the strengths and weaknesses of his praxis in anticipation of potential difficulties in the future. It is said that the Duke was pleased with the outcomes, and encouraged his residents to learn from the night and hold no shame from deficiencies found.
    • September 28 - Dedication of a New Elysium - formal ceremony hosted by the Twilight Basin Court at Liberty Theatre Cultural Center to celebrate the establishment of the city's newest Elysia, as sponsored by the members of the local Carthian Movement. Pediatrician Dr Patricia Patell, locally known for initiating a midnight curfew, was kidnapped by gang members and eventually killed despite the best efforts of the city's kindred. Dr Patell was a crucial link in the investigation of "the massacred thirteen".
    • October 26, "Halloween Masquerade" - party hosted by the Dragons at Springer Opera House.