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The MES Community Manager position was created by the MES Board of Directors in March 2013. The membership of the MES expressed to the Board that it wanted a change in the club's online offerings, and this position was created to do just that.

The Mind’s Eye Society has a wealth of unique and talented individuals and groups. We have authors, musicians, artists, crafters, the thriving LGBT community… and the list can go on and on. We have parents, cooks, and people who might be interested in trying something new, but have never really known how to get started. It is the intention of this office to reach out to all of these groups, through the lists, websites and the wiki and bring them together and sharing ideas and experiences with each other… sharing tips and knowledge with each other, and helping first-timers in getting started with their interest. This is how communities grow and expand.

While the virtual communities are not an entirely new concept, this is an entirely new incarnation. Many of the things that come from this office will be new, and there may be choices made that don't work. If so, things will change. The important part of any new program is open communication. Any member is welcome to contact this office at any time to discuss things.


Linked items below point to their respective MES List.

Beer, Wine and Spirits - This Community has been set aside for those lovers of different type of Wines, to discuss their favorites and recommendations of different labels.

Cosplay - This community is based on people who participate in Anime, Science Fiction, Steampunk, or any type of Fictional character costuming. People can use this community to get resources, tips on costuming or anything to enhance their costuming for this genre.

Drawing - Within this club, there are a lot of talented artist, that would love to share their work. Artist are always looking for ways to improve their talents. This community is designed to help these artists find ways to improve their skills and help other artists with their works. This community can also help artist find different projects that they might find challenging.

Food - Everyone loves good food and good company. This community has been created for two purposes: 1. for members to inquire about local restaurant in a city they are going to visiting or members to recommend a restaurant in their local community. 2. For Members to share/inquire about different recipes and discuss different techniques on how to prepare different foods.

Fourwinds - The Domain of Fourwinds was formed over 10 years ago and is now taken the next step in online gaming. However, in those years, a strong bond has been formed between its past members and those who have played with those members. This community have been set up for the members of the Regional Virtual Chapters, the National Online Game or any member of the Virtual Community to talk about items pertaining to the online games or any topic that may come to mind.

Jewelry Crafts - There are a select few who do create Jewelry for their businesses or for fun. This community has been designed for those artist who would like to share their pieces or to give/get tips on different jewelry making techniques.

LGBT Network - This Network has been created for people who identify themselves as either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. This community was created for them to network together on different activities that are going on within their local community or to discuss different topics.

Makeup Artist - Many members of this club try to find ways to make their character's appearance more dramatic in game. This community has been created to help those members in tips on different makeup techniques and give advice for those who ask for it.

Military Network - This Network is for those people, who are or were previously in the Armed Services, to come together and talk about different topics and see if there is a local Chapter/Domain near their next duty station

Movies - A lot of members love to talk about different movies that they plan to go see. If you do not care if you get spoilers on this list, this is a great place to get opinions on different movies that have come out in theaters.

Needlecraft - A lot of members do various needlecrafts; sewing, knitting, and needlepoint. This community has been created to help those crafters in different projects or different techniques.

Pagans - This community formerly existed under the previous societies structure. It allows those who are a part of this religion a place to communicate with others who share their beliefs.

Parents Network - This community has been set up for Parents to discuss issues with kids. Parents can ask or give advice on different issues with child rearing.

Programmers - A lot of members who dabble in some type of programming, either it be computer programs or wiki creation. This community has been created to help these type of people in improving or having people look/test different programs/pages.

Reading - This community has been set aside for those people who take passion in reading different books. Topics, ranging from new releases to older novels are discussed and reviewed. [ SCA] - This Community has been set aside for those who are in the SCA and can get information out to members on when events will happen. Discussion of different SCA topics are encouraged.

Tabletop - This community is for the discussion of various tabletop games and their mechanics.

Video Games - Members of the community come together to discuss new and upcoming games that are coming out. It is also a way to network with players of the same online games, like WOW or LOTRo.

Writers - Writers, professional or novice, come together to share works that they have written or are in the process of writing. Writing could be short stories, poetry or essays on various subjects.

Interested in something that's not listed? Contact the Communities Manager

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Puerto Rico Accord

Tokyo Accord

Virgin Islands Accord

Virgin Islands Anarch



Puerto Rico Cam-Anarch





CM Responsibilities.png

This list is not all inclusive. For a more detailed job description, please see MES National Job Descriptions

  • Implements new communities and executes on existing communities to enhance and expand offerings to create rich experiences for all members.
  • Works closely with MES Coordinators to co-sponsor at least six charity events that are accessible to the virtual communities
  • Assist communities in getting the tools they need to enhance the member experience, including but not limited to IRC Rooms, Wiki Pages, Web space.
  • Execute quarterly town hall meetings to listen to the needs of the community members
  • Organizes offline and face to face events at conventions and other large gatherings for MES Communities
  • Acts as an envoy between MES-sponsored communities teams and the MES Coordinator and Storyteller Structure
  • Work cross functionally with the ANST Online Games to ensure satisfactory programming is meeting the roleplay needs of the virtual communities served
  • Maintains data regarding attendance and satisfaction of members participating in online events

CO Responsibilities.png

This list is not all inclusive. A more detailed job description can be found Here

  • Promote and expand offerings within the Community to create rich experiences for all members
  • Organizes monthly events for the MES Community
  • Assist in organizing offline and face-to-face Community events at conventions and other large gatherings
  • Work with the Community Manager to promote six charity events accessible to the virtual communities.
  • Attend quarterly town hall meetings hosted by the MES Community Manager
  • Maintains a roster of Community Members, as well as data regarding attendance and satisfaction of members participating in online events
Comm Staff.png

Communities Manager - Cris Hundley
Asst. Communities Manager - Jenn Marks

Community Organizers Beer, Wine and Spirits - Lacey C.
Food/Cooking - Darin T.
Four Winds - April D.
Make Up Artists - Gillian T.
Military - Mary T.
Movies - Mary T.
Parents - April D.
Reading - Mary T.
SCA - Colin D.
Writers - Trey H.

Interested in serving as a Community Organizer? Contact the Communities.Manager

Online Staff.png

ANST Online - Allie P.
aANST Online - Jesse B.

Virtual Mid ST - James F.
aVMST Admin - Cris H.
aVMST Narration - Kate P.

Accord JP VST - Lee F.
Accord PR VST - Alicia C.
Accord USVI VST - Ran by aaNST Online
Anarch USVI VST - Ran by VMST Staff
Apocalypse VST - Jennifer A.
Awakening VST - Kate P.
Cam/Anarch PR VST - Silja S.
Forsaken VST - Colin D.
Lost VST - April D.
Requiem VST - Dawn Lloyd
Sabbat VST - Maximilian B.