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The night was cool, but pleasant. Mary had met Briana in her tour group, and she asked her to buddy with her to find the guy she was interested in. The bar was one Mary hadn't heard of before, but Briana's man seemed to know it so the girls headed there the 27th of December (2013). It was 5:51pm, Raul was a gorgeous guy, of course, and she could see Briana's attraction, but she was rather annoyed when the couple disappeared into the bathroom. She had a suspicion that they had ducked out the back and left her here.

The bar was nice, but sparsely populated. Sitting at a table, she looked around. There were a pair of obvious scruffy guys not far from her, the bartender, and a woman that was pleasantly dressed at a stool at the bar some distance away. A few other patrons were about in pairs and parties.

The twosome began marking remarks toward her--she was the only single female in the bar beside the one at the bar with the tender. They started as mild, but slowly escalated. A wolf whistle would have been more sophisticated than some of their comments, and they were getting her very irate. After seeing the aftermath of what happened with her foster-sister when she was placed with them due to sexual abuse, Mary held very little reserves at the objectives of the duo.

Her frustration level and her anger level were hitting an all time high as she stood, and verbally excused herself, heading toward the ladies' room. She looked at herself in the mirror as she attempted to calm down. Failing, she stomped out and looked for the rear door that Briana and Raul had definitely used. As she pushed it open into the alley, she felt a hand grabbing her arm.

She turned, reaching for the wrist of that hand, and pulling the person through the door and into the alley with her. It's not quite a judo toss, but close enough for her to swing around to face both him and the door. Her anger continued to grow, as she squares up with the two thugs. She can feel it crawl along her skin, surging like energy.

It was almost as if that energy was dancing into the pores of her skin, swirling to the root of her, and urging the anger along, bringing a growl from her throat. Her vision began to change as the faces of the two went from predatory to sheer primal fear. Her blood pounded in her ears, and the scent of them grew stronger--there was an almost palatable taste to their fear besides the sweat and other body reactions' fluids.

Suddenly she heard a growling voice behind her, attempting to distract her from her prey. She wasn't sure if it was male or female, but she wasn't willing to lose her new playthings for checking.

Mikey was quite pleased that he had taken down the "closed for repairs" sign and had opened the bar up for the locals that evening, it was one of those out of the way places that you don't find easily, but he had asked kin to talk up the place once in a while, and it seemed like they had done so and it had done the trick. He watched the exchange between the patrons, words he could live with, actions were a bit much... and when he saw the men going after her... and saw what looked like rage building under her skin he decided to take matters into his own hands and follow them out. He saw, heard, and smelled that first shift come over her and that's when he shifted to Crinos himself and interrupted her with a stern growl, placing a paw on her shoulder.

He was a huge deep deep black wolf, with purebreed Fianna 3, and had a huge and beautiful tattoo on his back that stood for all of his deeds up to that point.

Milagros entered the bar shopping list in hand. She smiled to Mikey and glanced over the room. "The place looks good. I brought a list of a couple things I wanted to pick up for a gathering I'm going to be hosting."

She glanced over at the guys and followed Mikey after the group. She quickly drew her gun pointing it at the men. She focused their attention on herself through persuasion. "If you value your life, be somewhere else."

Wolf form Mary 1.jpg

Rita growls back at the newcomer, but centuries of primal animal behavior makes her hesitate to challenge this Crinos' order. She still makes little growls at the two men, though.

To Be Continued