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Sabbat PC

Player: Joe
Character: Maalik
Clan: Salubri Antitribu
Status: Initiated, Ordained
City: Fargo, ND
Pack: The Raven's Cry
VST: Bryan Perryman

No more entreating of me, you dog, by knees or parents
I wish only that my spirit and fury would drive me
to hack your meat away and eat it raw for the things that
you have done to me. So there is no one who can hold the dogs off
from your head, not if they bring here and set before me ten times
and twenty times the ransom, and promise more in addition,
not if Priam son of Dardanos should offer to weigh out
your bulk in gold; not even so shall the lady your mother
who herself bore you lay you on the death-bed and mourn you:
no, but the dogs and the birds will have you all for their feasting.

~ The Illiad

General Info

Clan: Salubri Antitribu

Sire: Mel

Pack: The Raven's Cry

Faction: Moderate

Position: Pack Priest

Morality: Humanity

Theme Song: "If You Fear Dying", One Day as a Lion


Riots fire.jpeg

Name: Frank Lawson
DOB: 10/19/1970
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210
Distinguishing Tattoos: Upper chest - Cross & six-pointed star, letters S.C.R; right neck - blue "R" with three-pointed crown; right hand - three-pointed pitchfork
Affiliation: Simon City Royals

12/31/1975: Placement in foster care
10/01/1976: Reinstatement of parental rights
05/06/1982: Placement in foster care
11/06/1982: Reinstatement of parental rights
03/05/1985: Aggravated assault in public - 2 years probation
10/01/1985: Probation revocation, possession of firearm - 2 mos Illinois Youth Center
04/10/1986: Probation revocation, associating with known criminals - 6 mos Illinois Youth Center
01/09/1988: Assault (C Mis.) - $100 fine
11/16/1988: Battery (A Mis.) - 30 days
11/16/1988: Possession of a controlled substance (B Mis.) - 60 days
07/31/1991: Aggravated assault with a firearm (Felony 4) - 2 years suspended
02/09/1993: Unlawful use of weapon, possession by member of a street gang (Felony 4) - 2 years, probation revoked
02/10/1993: Incarcerated at Joliet Correctional Center
08/24/1994: Aggravated battery causing great bodily harm (Felony 3) - 4 years
04/09/1995: Aggravated battery on a correctional officer (Felony 2) - 8 years (extended)
05/21/2002: Released from Joliet Correctional Center
09/15/2002: Wanted for questioning in armored car robbery
12/19/2002: Wanted for questioning in officer-involved shooting
06/19/2003: Wanted for questioning in bank robbery
12/03/2003: Wanted for questioning in connection with escape from custody of left-wing radical




Maalik is, in nearly every respect, the stereotypical Fury. Created in the early 2000s as Adonai's get was rising to prominence within the Sabbat, he strives to embody the antitribe's reputation for ferocity. Maalik has only ever known one pack, that which gave him his Creation Rites and baptized him in combat. His loyalty to the pack--if not its individual members--is rivaled only by his love of bloodshed. In the brief decade since his creation, he has engaged isolated Camarilla forces throughout the Midwestern U.S. with his pack and with other Furies. Like most of his ilk, he maintains a detailed account of his victories in combat, priding himself on being the first to fight.

He is unquestionably a zealot, but not of any faith (though he does profess belief in the teachings of Caine) nor to the leadership of the Sabbat (which he does not directly oppose). Rather, Maalik's zeal is for the war against the Camarilla. Mel found a radical and violent man, desperate for a cause. Whether through foresight or coincidence, from his blood was born this maelstrom of hate and violence. In stark contrast to his introspective and reverent sire, the brazen Maalik makes no bones about his priorities. The War, or more precisely his participation in it, is far more important than dogma or politics. The foundation of the Sect, be it freedom or faith, is meaningless in the face of the Enemy. Where conservative voices call for an organized war effort, Maalik hears only obstacles on his path to vengeance.

Despite his fiery bluster, Maalik is still young and attached to his humanity. This is not a conscious choice; rather, he sees the dictates of a path as another distraction from warfare. In fact, some would surmise his humanity is the greatest source of his fury. He may have replaced gang tattoos with pack iconography, but he is much the same committed (and desperate) brute in death as he was in life. For all his passionate rhetoric, his unlife is little more than a frantic a race between death in battle and self destruction.


  • Maalik fled to Fargo to escape Camarilla retribution
  • Maalik is desperate to curry favor with Her Eminence Miranda the Baptizer
  • (Your rumor here)


  • (Your quote about Maalik here)

OOC Information

Player: Joe

VSS: Dark Secrets in Fargo, CO-016-D

Connections: If you'd like to tie your background in with Maalik, please let me know. Any of the following would be fantastic:

  • Other young like-minded Salubri Antitribu
  • Nomads of any kind, the more the better
  • Cainites who would have joined Midwestern War Parties of the last 10 years