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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Edinburgh
Player: Hilary Sklar
Storyteller: Ashley Perryman

Sire:Boazar Ophara

Status: Confirmed, Established and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla
Privileged and Enforcer as Sheriff of Edinburgh
Noble as Primogen of the Gangrel in Edinburgh
Considered Loyal by Equinox Clan Head of the Gangrel in the United States of America,
Appointed as Defender by Prince Brantley Zulauf of Edinburgh'

Notable Traits: Mab is known to be a great advocate for wildlife conservation and the re-introduction of species into Scotland. She often takes on the bodies of beasties. And it shows. If clad, there will always be a noticeable element of Fraser Tartan If asked what Clan she is, her first response is 'Fraser'


Character Livejournal:

Information Known by Kindred Society

Born around 1525. Mother was a Camp Follower attached to Clan Fraser. Father was a Great Warrior of Clan Fraser. Yes, definitely…

In 1544, the Frasers fought a great clan battle, the Battle of the Shirts (Blar-ne-Léine in Gaelic) against the Clan Macdonald of Clanranald, over the disputed chiefship of Clan Ranald. The Frasers, as part of a large coalition, backed a son of the 5th Chief, Ranald Gallda (the Stranger), which the MacDonalds found unacceptable. The Earl of Argyll intervened, refusing to let the two forces engage. But on their march home, the 300 Frasers were ambushed by 500 MacDonalds. Only five Frasers and eight MacDonalds are said to have survived the battle. Both the Lovat Chief, Hugh Fraser, and his son were amongst the dead and were buried at Beauly Priory.
Mab was a camp follower, not a warrior. She was not counted amongst the survivors. She was wounded, yes, crawled away into the undergrowth to heal. Survived. Moved on. Survived. And then her Sire found her. He had watched her. Watched her surviving. He embraced her and moved on. Watched her. Watched her as she learned to survive in her new condition. Then he found her again and took her to Court to be acknowledged by the Prince of Sterling. Mab still visits the site of the graves at Beauly Priory every year on the anniversary of the battle…
After this she was known for fighting the Sabbat in Scotland
She has been known to intervene, subtly (and not breaking the masquerade) in other Highland battles, always on the side of the Frasers.
1745, Battle of Culloden. That was the last time she meddled in mortal battles. Because it was the last pitched battle fought on Scottish soil. Afterwards, she went into torpor in sheer disgust. She awoke again in 1837. This was her time of greatest involvement in Camarilla politics.

She’s been pretty quiet since about 1874


Known Childer

Known Grand-childer


OOC Information

Player: Hilary Sklar

Location: Izmir, Turkey