Macarius Of Saqqara

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The Details


Name: Macarius of Saqqara

Clan: Harbinger of Skulls

Location: San Francisco diocese (formerly Saqqara, Egypt [1])

Sect: Sabbat

Position: Pack Priest

Notable Traits: Skeletal hands and face.

Known Allies: Name, Name


Description: Dresses in classic black monks robe and always wears a telling Harbinger "Death Mask" of some sort. Since moving to California last year, he has adopted a "Dia de los Muertos" mask.

The Sword's Knowledge

A cold, emotionless and often quiet vampire, he seems to slowly float about and always crosses his skeletal hands in front of him. He speaks with an accent some would recognize as older middle eastern (Coptic).

A supporter of the Church of the Dark Father (Orthodox) he is quite passionate about the Ritae. He is rarely stirred to anger, but on the subject of the Giovanni family or Followers of Set, his ire and contempt is palpable.

Often a mediator and a supporter of his brothers and sisters, he has traveled from the old world quite recently. As the Egyptians believed the lands of the Dead were to the West, he has come to the San Francisco Bay Area to assist in the Siege begun there.

-Participated in the attack and destruction of a Josian Archon (Sacramento Diocese)
-Participated in the Crusade of New York
-Participated in the attack on a Toreador Archon and Gargoyles (Vancouver diocese)
-Participated in the Siege of Memphis, and personally torpored the Elder Nosferatu Primogen


  • Initiated as True Sabbat
  • Anointed (As a Keeper Of a Sacred Text)
  • Courageous (by Archbishop Callahan)
  • BattleScarred (by Priest Pluto)
  • Scholar (by Priest Pluto)
  • Loyal (by By Pack Ductus Dr Dredd)

The Pack

  • The Horsemen Of the Apocalypse


[Cappadocius] <3> (-8000 BC to present)

  • [Lazarus] <4> (-1000 BC to ?)
    • [Angelique] <5> (? to ?)
      • [Macarius] <6> (765 BC to present)

Quotes and Rumors

What He Says

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Everyone Talks...


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OOC Information


  • Brother Cadfael by Ellis Peters (book)
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (book)
  • Requiem in D minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart (music)

Sabbat PC

Player: Matt Hull
Character: Macarius Of Saqqara
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Position: Preist
Status: Initiated Anointed Courageous BattleScarred Scholar Loyal
Domain: Myst
VST: Janus Pastor

Wiki Info: Stolen Shamelessly from Stacey, Altered by Original Bee.