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  • Name: Macintosh, M4c1nt0sh, or Mac
  • Creature Type: Promethean
  • Lineage: Tammuz
  • Refinement: Plumbum (Formerly Mercurius, formerly Stannum, Formerly Cuprum [Background])
  • Athanor: Seraph
  • Notable Traits: Disquiet, tangible electric shock on touch, always wears longsleeved shirt under geeky t-shirt.
  • Title or Position: Pseudo-Cell Leader of Black Mesa, Member of Parliament for Black Mesa Cell (United States Virgin Islands)
  • Accord Status: 5
  • Division/Status: Accord Corps of Engineers, Torch Faction (Status 3)


No one is quiet sure where the young Promethean known as Macintosh came from. All that's known is a few years ago he appeared on the scene, reaching out to other Believers such as F1R3W@LL and Simon. The presence of a talented hacker and techgnostic enthusiast known as 'M4c1nt0sh' was a known thing, but generally there was nothing insinuating he or she was a supernatural until this point. After that, he joined the Accord, setting up shop with a small group of Accordists in the U.S. Virgin Islands, namely his best friend Hypatia Hoheheim.

Since then, he's been a steadily growing presence, trolling the main Accord email lists, being generally cantankerous/adorable (depending on your view), and being the super hacker that this group needs, but not necessarily the one they deserve.


  • "The world's conspired to make Mac feel like a monster - like he's not welcome on the planet. I'll tell you Mac is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I hope I can help him feel accepted... make the world a more welcoming place for him. Lord knows he deserves it." - Blue
  • "I like Mac, kind of older brother or something. I just hope he treats Blue like a princess, because she deserves it. Though I have this feeling that he doesn't like me..." - Red
  • "He was a nice surprise, and redefines what a monster is not for me. It's complicated." - Siren
    • "He'll do it, and when he does I'll remind him of pizza and beer, and the joys he had before he did it."
  • "He's too good a guy to have to deal with being what he is. Which basically just makes it worse. Specially now that he and Simon are talking again." - F13
  • "I really do not know how to even approach that one. He seems useful? And that's all that matters?" - Cora Kirkwood
  • "He's a good person. It's not his fault that people act the way they do around him. He's my friend, even if we have to stay away from each other." - Simon
  • "We are going to watch Star Trek and play with action figures and blow up things and it will be amazing. I'll even bring my Batman pajamas." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "He is a success beyond what nature is capable of conceiving. Creation of a union of mind and will rather than fleshly hormones. There is no length that should not be extended to, to preserve such an achievement. I also, upon occasion, enjoy his company." - Hypatia Hohenheim
  • "I met him During Operation Heart of Darkness. He almost single-handedly supplied the entire operation with weapons armor and other equipment. All at his own expense and without asking for anything in return. That's a damn decent thing to do. He seemed reluctant to do much socializing. That's a shame." - Ellis
  • "This war's a fucking horror show, but in spite of everything it's done some good. I know the looks he and Blue have for each other. Those looks are what make all this shit worth fighting for." - Shkira
  • "Your Quote here" - Name


  • Macintosh is actually a new Lineage of 'AI' based Promethean, or possibly a unique Unfleshed.
  • Macintosh is the secret founder of the hunter compact known as Network Zero.
  • Macintosh is actually the entirety of the hacktivist group known as 'Anonymous.'
  • Macintosh was actually made back when the fist Apple computer was. He's just spent a lot of time in the Wastes and thus has very little human experience.
  • According to rumor, Macintosh is in love or in relationships with any number of several young (at least appearing) and attractive Accordists, male and female.
  • Macintosh is seriously considering joining up with AIS because he doesn't want to be associated with those awkward nerds in TORCH
  • Macintosh is seriously considering joining up with TORCH because he doesn't want to be associated with those drunken messes in AIS

DungeonCrawlBadge.png Operation: Heart of Darkness Operation:Suicide King ParagonPhilippines.png



Player: James F.
Creature Type: Promethean
Division: None
Location: US Virgin Islands
VST: MES Virtual Orphan VSS

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