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Crossroads: Bar east of Macon, owned by Riley Grimm. A former country church, it is a popular place to meet...and get into trouble.

The painted sign above the doors in the foyer reads, ‘Come in peace, or leave in pieces’, at the top of the arch for the doors the keystone has something carved into it that individuals with Acute Senses or Eyes of the Beast may be able to make out. [See a storyteller at game.]

The main room of the tavern used to be the nave and a stained glass window still dominates the far upper wall over what is now a full bar rather than an altar and pulpit. The main area of the floor is littered with tables and alcoves along the sides of the room have been turned into booths with curtains that can be pulled across for privacy. Heavy metal music thrums from speakers high in the wooden rafters of the tavern as a staff of five mortals keeps the place clean and the patrons well served from the fully stocked bar that also offers food, and vitae. One of the alcoves closest to the bar is the display for ‘mementos’, dominating the space is the mannequin of a large black horse wearing a stunning set of silver skull studded tack. {Master work, crafts 6, absent sway qualities of Courage and Fury}. Along the walls of the alcove are pictures, the oldest one being sometime during the height of the ‘wild west’, the horse that the tack was originally made for is standing in the picture. A massive beast with a heavy mane and tail looking like a cross of a riding horse and a draft breed, bred for function not form the animal stands with a rider on it’s back shown in profile. Wearing a long black duster and black cowboy hat the face of the rider is hidden from view as they are lighting a thin cigar. Other pictures include some of the current staff, the bar owner and the black bartender sitting side by side on motorcycles, and one shot of a motley crew of individuals all of the kindred but none of them an obvious Masquerade breach.