Madam Jade

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Player: Hannah M.
VST: Mitchell Wallace

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Clan icon mekhet alt - Reach.png


Name: Lady Jade

Status: Valued(Status 3)

Home: Court of Exiles


Lady Jade is a curvaceous woman with long black hair that has a dark green streak on the right side. She wears green eyeliner with flourishes on either side. Her lipstick is purple with a black streak down the center of her bottom lip.

She usually has two main styles of dress.

When at a gathering, important meeting, or even just meeting with those that she doesn't know very well, she will dress very formally. She will wear a black, blue, or green cocktail dress or ballgown, with elbow length black leather gloves, elegant heels, and carries a delicate blue fan.

For those that know her well, she will wear black jeans, black leather boots, a simple black tank top, and a silver ankh necklace.



By Lady Jade

Are you kidding? Lady Jade hoards information like a dragon hoards treasure.

About Lady Jade

  • "I like her. She possesses the excellent demeanor expected of the Invictus, yet knows how to make excellent use of these modern techologies." - Vidar Odinsson
  • "A superb example of style, grace, intelligence, and cunning. And on top of all that, she's a Mekhet!" - Vincent
  • "I found her wanting in a way that left me wanting. Seriously, you figure that shit out." - Ryan O'Connell
  • "As a member of the Invictus I can only say good things about her. She introduced me to the court and helped me find my barrings. I owe her a depth a gratitude and she has my deepest respect." - Zed Loyal

OOC Information

Player: Hannah M.

MES Number: US2011057692

Location: VA-020-D