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Awakening PC

Player: Matthew Maddoux
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium ••••
Legacy: The House of Ariadne
Position: Councilor
Consilium: Unbroken Will •••
City: Fort Worth, Tx
Cabal: Three Pillars
VST: Jon Hesley

Shadow Name: Maester

Offices: Curator of the Athenaeum of Fort Worth, Councilor of Fate, Threadwalker in the House of Ariadne

Titles: Master of Fate, Disciple of Time, Apprentice of Space

Quote: "A stitch in Time saves Space."


  • August 2, 1985 - This is the date Maester claims to be his Date of Birth.
  • May, 2013 - Inherits his sanctum after the leadership and majority of the Mysterium is killed in Fort Worth, Tx.


  • The Seventh Doctor

Character Description

An average looking fellow with blond hair and blue eyes, Maester is a fairly unimpressive man. He doesn't stand out in the group he normally surrounds himself with, suits and ties are the norm when it comes to academics. This man is always wearing a suit, almost as an obligation it seems, to the point where he's grown so accustomed to them that he seems unhindered while running across campus courtyards to reach his next lecture.

While he doesn't technically wear a three piece suit, he wears a sweater vest under his jacket. Draped over his shoulders, at least since the Convocation in October of 2013, hangs a knit scarf. When he really wants to dress up, he wears a black homburg hat. In some ways, he looks as if he stepped out of the past; which is not impossible considering that he is a Time Mage.

Over the months, he's been called "Professor", "a banker", "a doctor", and "a fool". He seems comfortable with each of these nicknames. He smiles knowingly, occasionally winking, when these words are bandied about in regards to him.

He is definitely a proud man, standing straight and willing to speak for hours on any given topic. It was perhaps an overinflated sense of pride that provoked him to choose his shadow name. Still, he tries to play the part of the humble scholar, usually convincingly - though some can see through his veil.

It is obvious that he is most comfortable with a book in his hands, though these days he is most often forced to stand before others - a leader that he was never taught to be.


When his nimbus flares, Maester seems to age a great deal, his hair turning as white as snow and lines forming on his face for every wrinkle he'd tried to straighten out in his life. His bones begin to creak as he moves, and his breathing sounds labored. A chain hangs loosely around his neck; four links carved from amethyst, two from silver, and two from iron. They link together as if forged that way. Three chords run through the center of the links, braided together, occasionally incorporating the bends of the links.

Looking For

It is well known among all Mages who know him that Maester is in search of

  • Advisers who can assist with securing the stability of the Fort Worth Consilium
  • Allies across Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • Allies within New York City
  • Artifacts, Enhanced Items, and Imbued Items
  • General Allies
  • Grimoires

Within the Mysterium, Maester is specifically known to be researching

  • El Dorado, which he claims to be Atlantean Ruins
  • The Ancient Lands Pentalogy
  • The Seers to the Throne


  • Survived the Purge of Fort Worth's Consilium only because he's particularly useless and the Seers didn't see him as a threat.
  • If he was born on August 2nd, 1985, he was born the day of the Delta Flight 191 Crash, and the Fate Mage who died transferred his soul into the the mid-natal child.
    • The crash was an omen of his birth!
  • He is totally into the BDSM scene. A big 'Top' for those that know what that means...
  • He is very fond of Sprite with Grenadine as a drink.
  • He runs every morning while wearing a suit and tie.


About Maester

  • "He can be brash like sandpaper and will argue till he is blue in the face about things. But, he is highly intelligent and willing to stand up for what he believes in."- Trevor McGowan
  • "He's chosen a name laden with connotation, but despite what initial impressions might suggest, he carries that name well."- Emma Paige
  • "Much braver and tougher than he looks. ...and I mean that as a complement." - Xuanhu
  • "He is cool. He buys me comics and donates to kids in my name...and all I have to do is be his friend" - Dim
  • "Dude looks like Christ down from the Cross 'cause someone needed the wood, sings like Johnny Cash, and manages to sound wise while reading a grocery list. Morrison's ghost could learn a thing or two from Maester." - Roark
  • "He's a damned cat-eater. And no, not the kind you're thinking." - Okami
  • "I visited him in Forth Worth for discussions on interesting topics. I am glad I was able to bring proof of rumors and turn them into facts for him." - Shy-Ram

By Maester

  • "I do not believe in Fate." - to Kate, Jocelyn, and Arkadius
  • "My Pilgrimage goes on for Miles." To Dion (mage), after being tortured by a Pain Spirit for a vision
  • "Time slipped away from me, like Wine through sand..."