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Awakening PC

Player: Alexandre Patry
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••
Legacy: Maybe
Position: {{{position}}}
Consilium: Quebec City ••
City: Quebec City
VST: Yannick Gervais

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Birth Name Not known pubicly

Shadow Name: Maestro

Sleeper Alias:

Offices: Warlord, Adamantine Arrow


"Always have a plan B, C and D. But remember....the most important one is plan Z"



Daredevil, Marvel comics

Mavis, Fairy tail

Hawkeye, Marvel comics

Character Description

Friendly and always ready to give is opinion on a subject, Maestro is probably the first mage a visitor will meet when entering the Quebec city consilium. His tarots cards never leaves him and he's more than happy to answer whatever questions his awakened peers might have for them. Having a bit of a hispter style with his white sling, belt, shoes and hat, he likes the compagny of people with an open mind. However this apparence and demeanor makes it easy for people to forget his position....both in the awakened and sleeper society.


When Maestro's nimbus comes forth, time seems to stop for everyone except him. The particular scent of plants and trees from a forest can be smelled, while tarots cards flips behind him, showing major arcanas cards. The presence of Maestro seems "heavy" to the viewers, as if fate itself have appointed him judge, jury and executionner.



"Glorious Domination", CFO$ [1]