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"I have seen boulders in the mountains broken open by violets and brick walls brought low by simple vines.
It is not brute force, but patience and tenacity that is the flower’s greatest strength."



The Basics
Name: Magdalene Lys
Clan: Gangrel

  • Confirmed - As a Machiavellian Ancilla
  • Loyal - By Clanhead Caroline Hunter
  • Favored - By Conchbhar McKay of Austin
  • Favored - By Alaric of South Florida
  • Favored - By Lady Constanza Rodriguez
  • Acclaimed - By Auriel Wohl of San Antonio

Notable Traits
  • Personal Masquerade
  • Whisper of life
  • Eerie Presence (Constant scent of funeral lilies)
  • Eerie Presence (Plants seem to slowly lean and reach for her)

Magdalene is a florist by trade with large, pale eyes and a sweep of strawberry blonde hair. Though she is gentle in both speech and mannerism she appears to have a touch of steel that has allowed her to hold her own amongst the Clan of Beasts for the past century. She holds tightly to her humanity and seems to act as a calming force and moral compass for her close associates.


  • She's carrying on a dangerous, insensible dalliance outside of the sect
    • "Dangerous dalliance"? They say she's carrying on with the Venetian Spectre himself...
  • She may be a member of The Watch.
  • She's clearly some sort of Toreador infiltrator.
  • She's the cut-throat imperatrix of a floral themed business empire.
  • Magdalene has had a sudden shift in allegiance.


  • "Hrmm? Maggie? Yeah, she is my childe. She knows what it means to be one of our clan, she has the heart and soul of a warrior and the wisdom and judgment of a scholar. Oh, and if I catch you eyeballing her like that again, I will rip your damn spine out and stake you with it." - Michael
  • "She has the qualities as that of the Autumn Crocus flower, delicate and beautiful when looked upon, deadly when necessary. " - Draxous
  • "In my past, I had moments where I saw the humanity of our kind and, rather than recoil in derision at the sight of weakness, I basked in the light of its strength. Meeting Magdalene was one of those times." - Angelo
  • Duty and honor are her clothing. Caution is her shield. Michael chose well. One night, her eyes will open. And on that night, Power will become her weapon. I am a patient creature. I will wait. -Mariella Rosellini
  • "The familiar scent of lilies brought me to pause a moment, wondering if my senses were deceiving me. Thankfully they were not, for it was good to be in such a warm presence again. She helped me in a time when things were very dark...and I may need that guiding hand again. I may need to get some flower pots..." - Zack Snyder
  • "I discovered watching her that at least one type of flower blooms in fire not sunshine." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "She understands the balance between human and kindred as well as how to navigate the most stubborn of beasts. There is so much potential in her; I foresee great things." Clémence deMontes
  • "Seneshal Magdalane, in her presence, mine is less offensive. Her company, most enjoyable." Tony D
  • "Miss Magdalane Lys, the most winsome lady I have met in this age, is just that: beauteous, agreeable, and always about her wits. I've enjoyed her company and am glad to have had the fortune to meet her. If you think that flattery or flowery, speak with her and know it to be true." - Antoine Price
  • "Gangrel? I think you mean Toreador...." - Christina Ross
  • "The sudden shock of her Praxis seizure was electric. The roar immediately following was doubly so." - Don Donovan Dunsirn
  • "She took on Tempest and won. Not many can make that claim. I look forward to seeing what other odds she can beat." - Tamberland
  • "She can be both the sweetest host and the boldest leader, all in the same breath, it is an impressive talent." - Marie Blackwell
  • "I have to say over the years I have seen allot of cool customers and great poker faces, but when she plays she know how to stack the deck. hats off to the lady. - Marco Giovanni
  • "She snagged the highest rung without so much as a twitched eyebrow in advance. To play cards with her would be a truer test of her demeanor." - Edward Porter
  • "A little warning next time would be appreciated, Highness." - Evelyn Atwood
  • "She reminds me of the famed maiden who brought hope to nation at war. I will be honoured to provide my defense to her domain." - Darjius Anakletos
  • "Such symbiosis that belies the need for savagery, leading way to a blossom of time spent cultivating better traits. 'Twere it so that we all learned such a lesson from our Lily Prince." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "At winter's end, all begin to roam. May vigilance be your shield." - Antoine Price
  • "The Lily Prince, a fitting moniker for my old friend. The lily is as varied as she, with many meanings: passion, refined beauty, magnificence. Oh, I simply cannot wait to see the garden she will make out of San Antonio." - Evelynn Asher
  • "Our grand child has certainly come into her own. To the world, she's Magdalene. To us, she will always be our Charlotte. She will do us proud." - Mabel Ruby
  • "Woe to her enemies and blessings on her friends. Magdalene wields her power with a grace that is drawn from something profound within her." - Miguel Culebra
  • "I came to seek the destruction of my enemies and finish the task laid by those before me, and found her instead. What a pleasant surprise. Her Majesty has my loyalty, long may she reign." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "Others promise, the Lily Prince delivers." - Remy Gagnon
  • "I find it fascinating that true Lilies are only those whose Order, Family, and Genus are all so very similar. It takes a certain single-minded focus on the beautiful to be a Lily. What more could a Toreador ask for from his Prince?" - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "An elegant and intelligent leader. Her Domain will prosper under her guidance." - Maeve Winter
  • "She broke my heart. And I have far too much respect for her to tell you how." - The_Broken
  • "She bring back Stability, now see if she keep it. If she ask, always give aide." Tony D
  • "Even when burdened by the palpable anger of a leader who has been failed, the Lily Prince maintains a hold on her mercy and humanity stronger than any has a right to. It is my sincere hope that this quality serves more as a tool and resource than a chain or liability, though I fear she shall find it to be both." Solomon
  • "She knows when to watch, when to listen, and when to speak. The Iron Lily." - Prince Serafin
  • "The Iron Lily, soft, yet definitely anything but delicate. I have visited her praxis twice now, and with great wisdom and knowledge there comes the great savagery needed to rule. After her most recent public display, she indefinitely has our attention." Hannibal Pierce
  • "Six traitors. Six Traditions. A reminder that all Traditions are sacred, but the Masquerade is the First Tradition for a reason." - Hobbes
  • "There are moments that define us, her past Court has shown that even when she does not have to dirty her own hands she will do what is needed to defend her Praxis and the Traditions." - Tony D
  • "She is just. I didn't know she had a knack for showmanship." - Hadrian Ieincer
  • "Predators wait in the dark corners and watch their prey, I get that feeling pretty damn well, I think there's a lot she does in the dark and I'm positive it's alright by me." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "I'm always glad to see Prince Lys. She's a great display of the diversity of our clan. I look forward to learning more from her example." - Lexi
  • "I've been told many pretty rumors of her strength, her grace, her wisdom. I cannot wait until I see it for myself." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "I have much respect for the Lily Prince Emeritus, earned through her actions. There are, however, clearly lessons in regarding to one's dalliances that are still in store for the Ancilla." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "Occasionally, I still see the Lily Prince in her; there is a power and a majesty within her that belies royalty. She's a magnificent creature and delightful company--I cherish our chats." - Wohl
  • "The Gangrel, we are the Pain Train and Lady Magdalene is the Conductor" - Drayov
  • "In the words of the great modern poet, Ice T, 'She walks softly, but she carries a big gun.'" - Jayne
  • "Il momento in cui ho sentito la mia prima storia d'amore, ho iniziato a cercare per voi, non sapendo che era cieco. Gli amanti non finalmente si incontrano da qualche parte. Sono in ogni altro per tutto il tempo." - Angelo
  • "Grace. Poise. Efficiency. Prince Emeritus Magdalene Lys embodies all three with the greatest of ease. When the situation demands effortless perfection, you'd be fortunate to have her at your side." - Midas Madison
  • "Captivating. If only I wasn't whisked away by Elder Draxous I would have asked her to dance. I can sense we share a certain... 'kindred' spirit." - Regina 'Jinx' Blythe
  • "This happens more and more often. There is apparently something about beautiful Gangrel women where they just gravitate - deservedly so - to positions of authority and power. And that Magadalene is the only Prince-Emeritus of which I have EVER heard means that there's more to her than first glance. Of course, once you take that first glance you'll find yourself wanting to repeat the experience. But never make the mistake of presuming that she is as soft or as fragile as the blooms of which she is so fond." - Malcolm Donovan
  • "Magdalene Lys carries a grace that put all other to shame. She will always find sanctuary within my holdings.'" - Vigo Malastova
  • "A beautiful and elegant joy to be around. I hope so see her garden she loves.'" - Lione Bonacorsi
  • "From botany to Seneschal to Prince and back again, is there nothing she cannot succeed in?" - Jeannie
  • "Such a nice young woman! I'd like to see her in a Darkhued Hunter Green slinky dress though. Im sure it would really make her eyes pop! I feel she should know this about herself " - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
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"Compassion hurts[...] You must grow strong enough to love the world,
yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors."

- Andrew Boyd

"And the wand-like lily, which lifted up, As a Maenad, its moonlight-coloured cup,
Till the fiery star, which is its eye, Gazed through clear dew on the tender sky;"

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

"A soft woman is simply a wolf caught in meditation."

- Pavana

Black Rose, Eliza Rickman

Pray lady, pray
Over our sins
You know
We'll grow our own.

Human, Of Monsters and Men

So breathe in, breathe out,
Let the human in.
The air is silk, shadows form a grin
If I lose control I feed the Beast within.

Breath of Life, Florence + The Machine

I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang,
No, oh oh oh

Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves), The Wombats

If you love me, let me go
Back to that bar in Tokyo
Where the Demons from my past leave me in peace
I'm sick of dancing with the Beast.


Player: Lindsay H.
MES ID: US2014020067

Miscellaneous: Always open to ties of all kinds, feel free to ask! Especially looking for: Artists, Gardeners, Characters dealing with a crisis of Humanity, Gangrel, & Brujah.

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Lindsay T.
Storyteller: Travis Kearns