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Please note, this wiki is for current chronicle characters, only. Feel free to practice coding, but do not create pages for characters set to appear after the chronicle change. this helps prevent confusion for your fellow players. Thank you! - Kimberly the Wiki Admin

Convention dates for 2016 are posted! Didn't get the email? Sign up for the Announcements email list! (Link to mailing lists, below.) The Announcements mailing list is a great way to keep up with events in the club, without the traffic of other OOC lists. Join it, today!

Using the Wiki

MES Wiki User Guide - Read this first! 
Before you start making pages, get to know our general rules and regulations.
Formatting And Style Help 
Never tried wiki code, before? Look here for resources to help you learn.
Wiki Staff 
Who to thank (or blame) for all things wiki content related.

Important Links

Mind's Eye Society Website 
Our organization's main OOC website, filled with information on how our community operates.
New Player Information 
What is MES? How do you join? Find out here.
Member Handbook 
How our organization is structured and operates, including staff descriptions and bylaws.
Mailing Lists 
For members who want to connect via email lists.
Global History Registry 
Register your PC's past travels across the globe here.

Venue Portals

Vampire the Masquerade Camarilla Anarch

Vampire the Masquerade Sabbat

Werewolf the Apocalypse

Vampire the Requiem

Changeling the Lost

Werewolf the Forsaken

Mage the Awakening

The Accord

From the Wiki Team

Welcome to the new Camarilla Wiki!

A wiki is not simply an online encyclopedia. It is a dynamic, living document, built to evolve with the needs of its users while maintaining a record of the past.

The Mind’s Eye Society Wiki is no different. While live-action role playing games are based upon published setting and rules materials, the stories themselves are forged by the imaginations of the players and storytellers. This wiki is where we publish and share our part in the grand tales.

As wikis are built to evolve, there are a few changes from the last iteration of this resource that you should note:

  • The focus of the wiki is user generated content, such as character pages, domain pages, and IC event pages. As such, rules and descriptive text published in White Wolf books will be kept at a minimum.
  • Club materials such as addendums, member handbooks, and other official documents will not be published here, but on the official MES website or national office site. (Please see the “Important Links” section on this page for those sites.)
  • In order to prevent spam, members will log in to the MES Membership Portal before being allowed to log into the wiki and edit.

We hope these changes will streamline and enhance your experience as a user and club member. Suggestions and issues should be sent to the Wiki Team.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year!
The Wiki Team