Mairin Airgeadrugadh

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

WARNING:This character is dead.


Who am I?

Birth Name: My true birth name is no longer of consequence. I have made my peace with both Gaia and Luna and have started life anew as Mairin
Deed Names:

  • Airgeadrugadh, I am also using this as my surname, it means Silver Born.
  • Grave Truth, I have no idea why this name was chosen... but it was given to me after I killed a bunch of vampires.
  • Stands her Ground, given to me by Songs of Thunder after I traveled to his sept and stood guard over the Caern Stone with him and his pack.

  • Breed:


  • Tribe:


  • Auspice:


Character Description:

  • Homid:

Mairin is a short in stature a mere 5'3", she is attractive and slender, her hair is cut in a short bob. She generally dresses in a simple tee shirt and jeans with a craft 5 leather shoulder armor on her left shoulder it is engraved with several garou runes in silver and a chain mantle.

  • Lupus:

Like most of her tribe Mairin when shifting into Lupus is massive in size with black fur. Over her heart is scarred the rune of Sacrifice.

  • Chrinos:

In Crinos Mairin is again very large as are most Fianna, her entire body is covered in black fur save the portion around the scar of Sacrifice. Across her stomach are signs of old scarring from being burned by banes.


  • Pure Breed Fianna 4
  • No Scent

Where did I come from?

Mischief and Mayhem:

Mischief and Mayhem were born on April Fools ragabash twins destined to change, some say that the twins were specifically given to Papa Farwalker as his children in order to challenge the philodox, who at the time had no sense of humor. Others would claim it was some kind of punishment for some unknown offense given to gaia. The twins would have had you believe them to have been a blessing.

The girls firsted within seconds of each other (in each other's defense) and began their career as ragabash of the nation at the age of 14. They then began yoyo-ing from cub to cliath over the next couple of years, each time they would get cliath they would anger some higher ranking member of the sept badly enough to be dropped back down to cub again (usually it was their father who would be so angered). However as is often the case, the third time is always the charm and at the age of 16 they were given the rank of cliath one more time and it stuck!

The two spent the next year and a half as cliath before gaining Fostern for taking out a thunderwyrm between the two of them (this happened in March of 2013). The two were fast becoming known for their eerie way of speaking in unison, completing each other's sentences, and always working in tandem. They were known for always being together and were often confused for one another. One of the most popular things they convinced others of is that they are in fact one and the same person.

In June of 2013 while away from their caern dealing with the Black Spiral Dancers out in Denver, Mayhem died.

Mischief entered harano. In her brief times of clarity she fought to stay on top of things. She took alpha of her pack and strived to be a good leader and member of Gaia, but after several months she spent more time in Harano than out and was losing the ever present battle to even bother continuing to live.

Mischief lived for her family, she fought as hard as possible so that her father not need to lose two children. She fought so her pack would keep their sister, but in October, as she was scouting enemy territy she found herself curled in a ball lost again in the throes of harano with no idea of how to get out. Her pack had to come and save her and it was at this time that she sought out a last bastion of hope to come out of this deep terrible depression. She knew if she didn't do something she would not be able to keep carrying on.

October 18th under the full moon, Mischief underwent the Rite of Renunciation and chose to let her name die and to be reborn as a new cliath of the nation.

Where did I go?

The Birth of Mairin:
Since becoming an Ahroun Mairin has been exceptionally busy. She has been battling all sorts of wyrm creatures including Vampires, Banes, Fomori, BSD, and even some she doesn't know what they are. As a Cliath she is rapidly proving her worth to the nation.

What the Nation Sees/ Rumors

  • Cliath forever.
  • Makes the best muffins after fighting with the Wyrm.
  • Mairin is pregnant, but refuses to let that stop her from doing her duty.
  • What Mairin is having seems to be the hot topic of debate, she has been told everything from one to three children...
  • Mairin has lost her smile
  • Mairin gave birth to twins, a boy and girl after having helped Mischief's father complete the Rite of the Winter Wolf. Their names are Henry Fergus Ward-Brennan and Oohnah Michelle Ward-Brennan.

What the Nation Hears/ Quotes

  • "In this lifetime and the next, I have known this wolf. She has always had a hardened knot at her core, though once it was pulled far less taut. I think, me, that one day someone will pull the knot so far that it snaps, and they will learn the meaning of regret, because this wolf remembers being born beneath more than one moon...and neither of Luna's faces which sing in her heart are particularly...kind." - Wisdom of Babel

  • "I remember well the twin Fianna whom came to Colorado some few years ago, to help aid us in our time of need. I remember the twin Mayhem, who died at the hands of the Black Spiral Dancers, and I remember her sister Mischief who lived to tell the tale. I am not sure of whom bore the worse fate. Then, recently, I meet another Fianna, named Mairin, whom stood by my side as I kept vigil over my sept's caern stone - and had it not been for her quick action, I might be dead this day. Mairin, I call you Stands-Her-Ground, and I will not easily forget your actions that day." - Song of Thunder

  • "Just because you only have one, doesn't mean you should punch one of mine!" - Mairin Airgeadrugadh said to Elsie after Mairin tickled Elsie.

OOC Info

Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid
Pack: No Stone Unturned
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Adren
Player: Liz Willis
Storyteller: Kenny Cole