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“Your conviction that there is a monster under the bed would be a mere eccentricity

if you weren't so heavily armed and it was your own bed.” - Scorpio

Major Stone, once upon a time.

Name: Major Stone.

Bloodline: none

Notable Traits: Holds himself confidently, often heavily armed. Prominent slash scar on his left cheek.

Titles: Myrmidon and Carthian Organizer of Des Moines, People's Harpy

Preferred forms of address: Major, Sir.

Favorite Songs:

Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot


Information Known by Kindred Society

Embraced in Iowa around 1980, shortly after retiring from the United States army. Lives on a farm near Indianola Iowa, until recently rarely came to cities for gatherings. Seems to like cigars and cigarettes a lot. Prefers Lucky Strike to all other brands.

He professes to be a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, serving in the US Army. Occasionally will give more details about his time in the service.

Stone operates a training school for security guards and police officers to learn tactics and procedures. Rumor is he also has special night classes to kindred who need to learn modern warfare.

Stone is the Owner and operator of Stone's Boot Camp

Information known by The Carthian Movement

Major Stone espouses part of the idea of The Final Civilization. Namely, that the world as we know it will end, either with the collapse of the Masquerade, or the collapse of the human systems that we hide ourselves within. He is preparing for the eventuality that open warfare could occur, and food and material could become scares, both from humans, and the kindred who depend on them for sustenance.

Stone also espouses Zen Carthianism, advocating maintenance of humanity through meditation.

Lastly, he support the concept of humanism, where kindred may form mutually beneficial relationships with humans or human groups.

These form a gestalt philosophy he calls "Zen Humanism of the Final Civilization"

Stone is an adherent to growth through conflict, via the Oppositionist faction. However, he frequenty enjoys working with members of the PPI faction, learning from them and watching their backs while they are on a job.

Time Line (not known unless you were there)

  • 1944 - Born in Italy to an Italian woman and an American G.I.
  • 1962 - Enrolled at Iowa State, Joined ROTC
  • 1966 - Graduated in ROTC, went to Vietnam

Stone served in the conflict until 1973. During his multiple tours in the conflict, as well as trips back to the States for additional training, Stone moved from Army Infantry to Special Forces, 7th group. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Major during the conflict. From then to 1980, Stone then served in "unofficial" conflicts throughout the region, including in Cambodia and Laos.

In 1980, Stone was sent home from SE Asia. now nearing 40, Stone was deemed as knowing too much and being too old to keep sending into the field. He was given the options of a desk job or retirement. Stone initially tried get a position training, but was denied, and thus took his retirement.

Stone had a great deal of trouble adjusting to civilian life. He felt isolated from people who have not experienced what he had. Finally things came to a head when Stone caught some teenagers on his land, putting all three in the hospital with significant injuries. None of the boys pressed charges, being both too scared, and having been caught trespassing and stealing, but rumors quickly spread around town. People began to ask about what The Major had been doing in the war? What was he doing in the army after? Is he dangerous? Rather than bear the stares of his neighbors, Stone left one night in his pickup.

Drifting from town to town, he eventually met his Sire on the side of a dusty highway.

  • 1985 - Stone returns home briefly to see what the vampire politics are like at home. He is gone in less than a week, not adjusting to vampire civilians any better than human ones. back on the road, Stone adapts to the nomadic life style, using both his trained skills and his new abilities to stay alive and keep rolling.
  • 1989 - Meets Absence in Tijuana. Saving her from a zealous sheriff, as much by accident as by design, the two begin to travel together.
  • - The Berlin Wall falls in Europe on November 9th
  • 1998 - Does some work and is hosted by a Nos Carthian named Obidiah. The Major teaches the older kindred soldier about modern tactics and weapons. He makes sure to highlight anything the humans might use against vampires. They also talk about Carthian Philosophy.
  • 2000 - Stone does some consulting and explosives work for Babs Watson on a film she is directing.
  • 2002 - Meets with Officer Tom Hartigan in New London, CT. Stone gives the Carthian policeman training in modern weapons and tactics that may be useful for him in the emerging Millennium.
  • 2003 - Stops in Cinncinatti Ohio to work with Charity Paine, updating the older Carthian on 20th century tactics and weapons.
  • - Later that year stops in Birmingham AL, and spend a pleasant evening with Miss Darling, defeating her in a game global warfare (Risk).
  • 2004 - Contracts with Penelope Chevalier to protect her while she hunts for brood. Why the slight Invictus woman is hunting them, he doesn't ask, but the money and company are good enough. The two do become friends during their travel.
  • 2005 - Helps Rylan Fox do battle with werewolves in New York. The Major advises his Carthian brother on modern weapons that he can use, or that he needs to watch out for.
  • 2006 - Major Stone's Father dies. As the oldest Son, Anthony Stone returns home to bury his remaining parent. Stones brothers and sisters live in other areas of the country. They return for the Funeral, but have no interest in taking over the farm. Faced with the possibility of losing the land his father and grandfather worked, Stone makes a decision to stay in Iowa. Borrowing against his own share and using money he had saved from his Army pay, Stone buys out his brothers and sisters, taking possession of Stone farms.
  • 2007 - Stone Farms, with an infusion of capital from some Carthian friends, and a government grant, sets up wind power production AND certain agriculture experiments and small crops, becoming a research farm. Major Stone manages the operations, but also delegates a great deal to George, who has been hired to operate the farm during the day. The people of Indianola whisper about the prodigal son returned. Barely seen for decades since his return from the Army, he is now still rarely seen, but lives in a compound on his family land.
  • 2008 - Stone has a violent confrontation with Allegra and Augustino SanGiovanni. After one zombie lost a foot to a toe-popper and another lost a head to concentrated rifle fire, the two sides have a tense conversation across a fence line. Fortunately, Daniah stepped in and persuaded her hot headed grand children to stand down. Following this, Stone enjoys more cordial if still somewhat tense relations with his SanGiovanni ancestors.
  • 2009 - Stone is contacted again by Obidiah to talk about the progress on Carthian Ideals over the past decade.
  • June 2013 - Stone is called in to assist some Carthians who have been transported to Montana by a mysterious ghost train.


Stone doesn't talk about his Sire at all, except to say that "I almost had the bastard"

Known Childer


Known Associates

The General


Mr. Wright




Obadiah Thorn

Joan Black

Richard Hamilton

Allegra SanGiovanni


Martin Cavanaugh


Khalid Ibn Sahir

Ian Carson


Cassidy Sullivan

White Spider

Coteries and Societies


Carthian Militia



Tell a story, add a lie

  • The Major was actually discharged with a section 8. He is certifiably psychotic, with acute intelectualization disorder. For him, there is no such thing as right and wrong. Just orders.
  • He got the facial scar in Saigon from a woman armed with a broken bottle.
  • He's killed for Lucky Strikes. Hey, when you need a smoke, you need a smoke.
    • Then why does he never light his cigarettes?
  • Has a secret military training ground on his farm, where he is preparing for "The Reds"
  • Stone wears Hawaiian shirts on friday.
  • Stone spends $5000 dollars a week on bullets alone.
  • The Major keeps a coffin in his trunk, just in case.
  • The armaments and fortifications around Major Stone's home are not actually to protect him, but rather to protect the secret colony of angora rabbits he keeps in his basement for those moments when he really needs a cuddle.
  • Through some weird happenstance Daniah is related to Major Stone
  • The Major seems to favor heavy caliber weapons. 45 Pistols, 30-06 rifles, and shotguns.
    • He strongly prefers Italian shotguns, particularly the Spas model 15.
  • Stone secretly loves hip-hop music.
  • Stone secretly loves Dame Steele. (He certainly stares enough...)
    • Or he reads Auras...
  • Stone was recently tapped as an assistant harpy. Funny, he doesn't really seem like a harpy...
  • Has a rather mysterious connection to the Sangiovanni family.
  • Stone loves burrito's dude. I mean, he's even got a Fighting Burrito pin on his tac vest!



If you hear me saying anything memorable, feel free to add it

  • "He's rather a charming gentleman, and very good in a fight, although he's not overly fond of zombies. Poor dear." - Allegra SanGiovanni
  • "No, see I use guns cause I have opposable thumbs." Stone talking about his eschewing of claws, while waggling his right thumb.
  • "You underestimate the humans. That is fatally stupid. Even if you consider them all herd animals, among the cows and pigs, there are bison and warthogs. They also out number us by billions and have flame throwers, nuclear weapons, pointy sticks, and sunshine." - Stone on the topic of humans.
  • "Strength. And courage. That is how I think of Stone." A soft-spoken Mekhet, speaking quietly of the Major.
  • "Stone is competent. Which is precisely what makes him so enjoyable and so dangerous." Khalid Ibn Sahir
  • "[REDACTED]? His first name is [REDACTED]? Bwahahahaha!" - Oral Wright
  • "So you are the one everyone is asking about? I was beginning to think you were a ninja." -- Joan Black
  • "These men were well funded professionals. This is not home made pyro. It is civilian, but it's commercial grade, stable, fast igniting, and hot. Just the thing to burn down a building full of sleeping vampires." - On the topic of some chemicals found during a murder investigation.
  • "Stone's damn good at what he does and if push came to firefight, I'd take him over most of my covenant and half my clan." - Serafina
  • "Okay, the name of the game is surveillance and reconnaissance. I am looking at you two, " overheard as the Major addressed two Acolytes before going to a feeding party put on by the local enemy. He later would claim it was because those two were the least likely to be trusted to keep themselves from knifing someone.
  • "Drop your weapons and surrender yourselves to my custody. If you do not, I and my men will be forced to arrest you. Some of them may not be able to stop arresting you until you are dead. You may want to take that into consideration." - Major Stone leading a war party against some miscreants.
  • "I appreciate and admire a man possessing a cool demeanor and excellent aim." - Gal Friday

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel ••••
City: Des Moines, IA ••
Player: Nathan Thurston
Storyteller: Tasha Cue

OOC Information


Books - Better times than these

Movies - Good Morning Vietnam, Full Metal Jacket, The Hunted, First Blood, We Were Soldiers

Characters - The Comedian (Watchmen), Terry Childers (Rules of Engagement), John Rambo (First Blood, Rambo)

Documentaries - Vietnam in HD, Long Range Reconissaince Patrols (LRRP)

Songs - White Wedding, Napalm Sticks to Kids

Youtube Play List:


  • "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu.
  • "You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decise, you still have made a choice! You can choose between phantom fears and kindness that can kill. I will chose a path that's clear, I will choose free will!" - RUSH

Player: Nathan Thurston US2008021803

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

“For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,

And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;

And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,

And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!”

- Lord Byron