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Accord PC

Player: Mike Roberson
Creature Type: Human (Lucifuge)
Division: A.C.E
City: Lake Charles, Lafayette
VST: [1]

Character Information


Name: Malakel

Creature Type: Human (Lucifuge)

Cell: Le Pac du Ombre

Accord Status: 1

Notable Traits: Very Focused on Ridding the world of Evil that preys on the innocent, Shy, can't tell a lie worth a damn

Position and Title: Specialist; Long-Range Threat Neutralization

Known Information

He once learned many lessons about Interspecies Etiquette on the Beijing mission, Single, no family to speak of; Extremely Solitary


A.C.E. - Hammer


Auburn hair cut into a short Military style,hazel-Gold eyes, 74 inches tall, 235lbs, muscled, but a little soft in the belly, wears black always


Grim, bitter, gentle and thorough




Killing stuff from a distance

Known Associates

Dr. A. Rose


Henry Grayson (deadbeat demon dad)

James Saulnier(brownies)

Frankie(pretty fur lady)

Manny (role model)

Aurora Coventry(killed him with kindness)

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  • "Cute as all hell, this man is a mix off shyness and passion...i wonder what he is like in bed" - James Saulnier
  • "You are SO three sheets to the wind! That's it! No more boozeahol for you." - Frankie, after he said the quote that is on her page from him.
  • "His eyes may not be opened to the truths of the world, but he certainly has his share of courage." - The Dominus


may have peed on self during his first kiss

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OOC Info

OOC Info

Player: Mike Roberson

MES Number: US2012040086

Location: Lafayette, La

player email:

VST email:

City: Lake Charles, Lafayette