Malcolm MacGregor

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Accord PC

Malcolm warbeast.jpg

Player: Chris True
Character: Malcolm MacGregor
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Cell: Dead Cell
Division: Quicksilver Knights
Domain: SC-012-D Charleston, SC
VST: VST Accord Rocky Butler
DST: DST Charleston Cameron Orr

Malcolm MacGregor

Breed ursara.png Denwardenicon.png Accord250px.png DeadCell.png

Creature Type: Changing Breed

Breed: Ursara

Species: Storm Bear

Nahual: Arctotherium angustidens

Accord: Den Warder

Cell: Dead Cell

Cell Position: Cell Leader

Division: Quicksilver Knights

Notable Traits:

Enormous: Malcolm is a giant of a man, at least 7'2" and over 500 lbs with a lumberjack's build (almost all muscle but not quite defined).

Gentle Giant: He almost always pauses to think before speaking and is known to protect and care for those he calls his own. Once roused to anger, though, the earth shakes beneath him.

Party Bear: Has been known to indulge himself.


Once ate 5 whole large pizzas in a single sitting.

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Sketch by luillo-d5howad

Color Quote

Strength alone knows conflict;
weakness is below even defeat,
and is born vanquished.

OOC Information

Player: Chris True

MES Number: US2004041363

Location: Charleston, SC

USA-SE-AC-1308-008462 (CCD)
USA-SE-AC-1312-012162 (Overcap XP)

USA-SE-AC-1401-013378 (Overcap XP)