Malcolm Tytalus

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Awakening PC

Player: Brian Revell
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••
Legacy: Unknown
Position: Hierarch, Mastigos Path Councillor
Consilium: Novum Consilium Umbrae •••••
City: Cambridge, Ontario
VST: Rob Adams

Birth Name Unknown, presumed to be Malcolm Tytalus

Shadow Name Nem (or perhaps Mnem, none have asked for him for clarification...)

Sleeper Alias Dr. Malcolm Tytalus, PhD., prestigious psychologist, and psychotherapist


  • Hierarch of the Novum Consilium Umbrae, and Councillor of the Path of Scourging
  • Administrator of Oversight for the Rockwood Institute
  • Right Hand to Magister Ikelos, the presiding Mask of Sorrows on the High Consilium of Canada, and High Magister of the Guardians of the Veil

Character Description

Malcolm dresses and acts in a matter befitting a scion of House Tytalus. His long hair is commonly pulled back into a pony tail and he almost exclusively wears business casual at all times, whether it is befitting the situation or not.


  • 1974: Two young dynasts, Samuel Cross (of House Morgani) and Marie Tytalus run off together after Marius Tytalus, Mary's father and one of the Tytalus family elders, forbids Mary from associating with Cross. The two live in hiding in rural southern Ontario, avoiding contact with both their families.
  • 1976: Malcolm is delivered via midwife in the farmhouse the two live in
  • 1977: Darius Tytalus learns of the location of his daughter, Mary, and attempts to bring her home. Official police reports state that the two killed each other Romeo and Juliet style rather than be apart. Malcolm is brought back to live at the Tytalus family estate and be raised properly by the Tytalus family.
  • 1981-1993: Malcolm is sent off for a formal and rigorous upper class education at a boarding school for the rich that is popular with the Tytalus family and the other dynastic houses. Malcolm returns home for Christmas but that is about it.
  • 1993-1998: Malcolm attends Queens University eventually obtaining Honours and Masters degrees in psychology
  • 1999-2001: Malcolm attends the University of Ottawa, eventually obtaining his PhD. The focus of his PhD study was the effectiveness and application of cognitive behavioural therapy in patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress
  • December, 2002: Malcolm Awakens at a Tytalus hosted Christmas gala, with numerous guests from other houses present. His Awakening presents him with evidence that his grandfather, Marius Tytalus, was connected to the death of both his parents, and that it was no double suicide.
  • 2003: Marius Tytalus is investigated, but only found guilty of Accessory to Murder (after the fact). He is sentenced to the maximum allowable under law, 14 years, but his connections and wealth end up making his life very comfortable.
  • February, 2003: Malcolm Tytalus joins the Guardians of the Veil under the tutelage of his father's sister. He passes the black veil within a matter of months, largely owing to his familiarity with dynastic politics and deception.
  • 2005: Malcolm becomes a member of the Ordeal Keepers faction, becoming quite adept at the construction, revision, and customization of veils to prospective Guardian candidates. His veils are psychological, skirt along mortal ethical boundaries and are made to test the depths of the mage's darker side.


Waves of calm silently ripple outward from Malcolm like waves lapping upon a beach or shoreline.


Looking For

Songs and Inspirations

  • Black Sabbath -- I
  • Assemblage 23 -- Never Forgive
  • Icon of Coil -- Other Half of Me
  • Grendel -- Judged Ones
  • God Module -- The Source

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