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“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”

Mallory "Seeks the Voice" Byrne ~ Deceased

"Stori yn dim ond hanner gwybod pan fydd un person yn siarad ei"
"A tale is but half told when only one person tells it" - Unknown

Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid
Pack: No Stone Unturned
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: •••
Wisdom: •••••
Player: Jenn Cravens
Storyteller: Kenny Cole

IC Information


Legal Name: Mallory Byrne
Deed Name: Seeks the Voice, Recovered Legacy, Speaks Ill of the Dead
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Galliard
Camp: Songkeepers
Rank: Adren
Pack: No Stone Unturned Following Merlin (Fianna)
Sept: Sept of the Southwind
Sept Position: None at this time
Quote: Yr wyf wedi ymladd ac yn gorchfygu
Renown: Glory 6 / Wisdom 5 / Honor 3


M Byrne.jpg

Apparent Age: 19
Place of Birth: Near Boston, MA, USA close to Sept of the Eagle's Talons
Date of Birth: Born November 4, 1994
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American
Ethnicity Welsh
Pure Breed Fianna 1

Homid Form:
Mallory stands at five feet and two inches tall, pretty close to average for a female of Welsh descent. Mallory doesn't really feel she is exceptionally pretty, but this might stem from the abuse her brothers gave her after their first change. She appears as her actual age, neither younger nor older in appearance than she is. While her hair is considered to be long in length she tends to wear her slightly wavy hair back from her face. She is almost always wearing a skirt or dress of some sort, tending to be pretty girlish when it comes to clothing likes. She rarely wears any jewelry, but when she does it tends towards white gold, and as bracelets, doesn't have any piercing nor does she yet have any tattoos which many find surprising as she is rather gifted at tattooing others. She now carries around her neck on a leather cord two Trolls teeth that sit perfectly on the cord at the right length to sit on her battle scar.

Lupus Form:
Large hound, wolf sized hound, pure white, almost ghostly white with vivid red ears.
Those with any Fae Lore will recognize her form as Cŵn Annwn

Crinos Form:
Unlike her Lupus Form, she is blessed with the traditional Fianna wolf looks, only in Crinos form. Other than the fact her pure breed is obvious she doesn't really stand out in Crinos among other Fianna Garou, unlike her lupus form, a blessing she appreciates greatly.

Battlescars: Three Cosmetic Scars:

  • Chemical burn down her left shoulder down her back, earned while protecting her tribal home caern.
  • A long scar from a gash down the right side of her back starting just below her shoulder blade and curving down towards her right hip stopping at about her waist, earned while helping her tribe reclaim a tribal artifact.
  • A two and half inch across whole just above her breasts that goes all the way through her body coming about between her shoulder blades, earned while protecting her home caern at the Sept of the South Wind. This was the result of a Troll taking her spear and shoving it through her chest.


Information listed here is considered OOC unless specified!

Family & First Change: Mother who is from Wales, Father who is American, both are fianna kinfolk. Her two brothers who are twin Get of Fenris Garou, people usually give a look when she says this, as her pure breed shows as Fianna, but until they went through their rite of passage and Stag did not appear to them to be part of the Fianna the family secret was held tightly. Her brothers were conceived shortly before her mother was sent to Boston in an arranged marriage to her father. She was sent due to her being raped by a Get garou and the result was a pregnancy. The Fianna decided not to keep her in Wales to face her attacker, and as Garou need every possible garou child her mother was not allowed to terminate the pregnancy.

Her father was a wonderful man though and raised the twins as his own, even after the birth of Mallory. They were raised never knowing this secret until that moment of their rite of passage. Her brothers has always been slightly more aggressive in nature, school yard bullies, rebellious boys, yet always respectful to their parents, until that moment when Fenris appeared not Stag.

This is where their hatred for their sister began. When they returned home to ask their parents the secret came out, and they learned Mallory was a true born child of the Fianna kin, and they were of "mixed" heritage. While they had not been garou this mattered not to them, but upon their change it seemed to change the boys.

The relationship with her brothers was never the same. Half way between her fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays her brothers decided to beat the change out of Mallory. While they enjoyed being Garou, reveled in the violence of it, they assumed their curious natured sister would not succeed in such a violent world. They figured they'd either cause her change or kill her, either way they'd not have to suffer the curse those of the family who become garou suffer alone. In the night they stole her from her bedroom and took her out and beat her close to death, but the wolf insider her came through and she had her first change. Once the change was triggered she fled from her brothers, in fear, not rage, not the typical raged filled change. But she fled in fear in Chrinos, she was lucky though not to have been seen and returned home none worse for the wear other than now being Garou. Having been raised close to the Garou near Boston, she knew where to go and let them know that she had had her first change.

Died fighting with her tribe in Alaska, successfully destroyed Fallen Wendigo and fallen Gurahl hive. (tale to come but sung by another)

Tales she has crafted and sung

Friends, Allies & Others

Known openly (ic)

  • Aaron Kinshield ~ The first Get of Fenris she ever trusted, and only one of a few she respects with sincerity.
  • Ziggy Moonbeam ~ Mallory met "Mercy" on her first trip into the umbra as a cub. Along came this hippy on a spirit quest stopped to talk to the cubs before moving on. Since then Mercy and Mallory have become friends, he helped her in her fostern challenge by speaking to a spirit for her, negotiated chiminage for her as well as introduced her to Gaagi the caern spirit for her now home sept.

Pack: For the most part Mallory is slightly distant from her pack, while she lives with them in a pack house, she communicates with them she doesn't share too much of herself, she stands guarded. But she will go far to defend them and protect them, even the "Get". For all that she keeps herself guarded she counts pack as family, and she has that deep fianna blood that does everything for family.

  • Elsie "Forgotten Earth" (Alpha) ~ For those who don't stop and listen to the depth of the words Elsie speaks miss things that matter. Even Mallory still needs to remind herself Elsie is not wolf born..
  • Mairin Silverborn ~ If I live with this Fianna always I will grow fat happily. A true gift for cooking, our pack will never go hungry, just as we will never go unprotected, she cooks as mean as she fights.
  • Curious - Cliath Galliard, new to the pack currently and Mallory has not gotten to spend a lot of time with him
  • Gestalt "Taz", ~ Deceased


  • Declan Brennan ~ Elder Fianna, who has taken her under his wing to help her straighten out her "shit" with her tribe.


  • Noah Anderson ~ Not friend, not enemy, their relationship has changed in Mallory's eyes, probably due to her own fuck ups. With great respect Mallory disagrees with much she has seen from Noah in regards to issues with Cole Braddock. Mallory also does not think Noah's goal for one tribe for all is realistic, or hell even something she'd want to change to. But Noah understands Mallory's desire, no NEED, for knowledge, and that matters most to Mallory, she can look past disagreements if the other is knowledgeable or strives for knowledge as much as she does. Mallory accepts when she needs to get a different perspective Noah is always a great wolf to turn to. She had at first not understood his need to be part of a pack that roams, but the more she as a Galliard has traveled her understanding has come deeply.
  • Mocks his Prey ~ Her Former Righ of the Great Plains in the US for the Fianna. While the two look at their jobs as Galliards differently they both share a frustration with the lack of knowledge many garou seem to have in regards to our traditions. But she used to respect this wolf highly, and would have defended him as she would blood family, but things change. Having defended him constantly to her tribe she has found very little who respect her in return. She learned this after a bullying from him and her sudden distancing from her pack while he remained part of it. He has since lost being beta of the pack, and has stepped away from the pack and as Righ of the midwest of her tribe. Stepping down as Righ was both wise yet foolish. Wise as he did not have the respect of more than half the Fianna under him, foolish for the petty and childish way that it was done.
  • Cole Braddock ~ Things between these two started off badly, anger and tempers and vulgarities slung at each other. Typical interactions between Mallory and the Get. For while at least from Mallory's side, a respect has grown, but this has changed again with his behavior showing what she feels is typical of Get behavior. A bully who as a galliard only uses his words to incite anger in others, not really anything useful. He has died, unfortunately to a Garou who fell to the Wyrm.. but dead none the less, something that if asked about Mallory can not hide the fact it pleases her.
  • Beyond Good and Evil ~ Yup the pack as a whole. It began with Galina misunderstanding Mallory's good intention at a moot. It grew when their Alpha misspoke treating Mallory like a "child" when he was in the wrong, showing his ignorance of the situation. Speaking down to her as if he was her "better" not her equal. Then with their newest member, a Galliard who apparently knows nothing of our traditions. For a pack that follows fox and is supposed a pack of "cunning" Mallory sees a serious lack of knowledge in this group. Speaking with out fully knowing.. a frustration for her, one she is glad she can ignore for the most part. But when she does visit the Tor, she can always be sure this group will leave her to return to her home Caern with lots of tales to tell.. and usually in jest, not in glory. A learning tool for others on how not to be. It seems in the year she had not visited the sept, there is another pack who follows fox, as it seems this pack, has been lost.

Known Enemies:

  • Her elder brothers(Twins), Get of Fenris Philodox. These two are the reason Mallory distrusts Get so deeply. (OOC Currently NPC's with no character sheets, would be willing to work with any player who might be interested in playing them)

OOC Information

Character Inspirations

Character Soundtrack

Other Inspirations


  • Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. ~ Euripides
  • Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge. ~ Charles Darwin
  • Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Player Information

Jenn Cravens

Cam Number: US2002096647
Home Domain: Kansas City
Email: Email