Mallory Moore

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"You see no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family. They just ask what side they're on."

Biographic Information

Name: Mallory Moore
Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 8th
Date of Embrace: 1890's
Sire: Benedict d'Holbach
Titles: Prince of Montgomery AL

Character Description


Widely known for her approachability and charm, Mallory Moore very much fits the stereotype of a "southern belle". With her flirtatious yet chaste demeanor visitors to Montgomery are often heard to comment about how warm her court appears with it's very Southern etiquette. Mallory herself is a petite woman, with pale skin and wide green eyes. Her style of dress always falls towards the feminine and never casual. She tends to wear colorful eye make up and always carries a large bag filled with a variety of doodads.

The matter of her particular brand of "Malkness" has been the subject of debate in the city. The fact that she rarely if ever leaves the state has lead to speculation it is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; but then the fact she frequently speaks to parties no one else can see has some labeling her as a paranoid schizophrenic. Of course it's widely known that she hears ghosts, or is that a clever political way of covering her insanity. Whatever the case it is clear that she is certainly not the sort of Malkavian one finds ever jibbering in a corner or talking to a potted plant.

Known History

Not much is known of Mallory's life before her embrace except for the fact she was born and lived her entire life in the state of Alabama. She claims to have brothers who fought in the Civil War but doesn't speak all that frequently of her life before she became a vampire. As a neonate she was rather unremarkable, not widely known or regarded. There were a few instances where her apparent oracular ability was noted but nothing extraordinary; which makes the fact she not only claimed praxis but has held it for forty years all the more remarkable.

In the late 1960's a Sabbat invasion of Montgomery lead to the decimation of much of the cities court. Amid the chaos Mallory not only claimed praxis unattested but organized the remaining kindred into a force which drove out the servants of Caine. The next twenty years were spent systematically rooting out any traces of Sabbat in the city. Though all of those who were on a path or who showed signs of having diablerized were executed, any prisoner who was found to be redeemable was quickly and mercilessly reeducated and made into productive member of the Ivory Tower. Other than this external threat Mallory's praxis has remained unchallenged; a feat no doubt aided by her strong ties to her cities Tremere, Brujah and of course her fellow Lunatics.

As a praxis holder Mallory favors a more Confederate style of government, holding to the traditions as tightly as any constitution. While she rarely if ever leaves the state she does frequently send emissaries to other courts, especially those in southern states. Crime in punishment amongst the kindred of Montgomery involves a sort of Solomon's test. The guilty party is asked to give their perspective of the crime and name what they think their punishment should be; those who abuse the privilege find themselves harshly dealt with. Mallory is on the record as being very confused and suspicious of anarchs as she cannot understand why any kindred in their right mind would decline the safety and security of the Ivory Tower.

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Montgomery AL
Player: Dani LeMaster
Storyteller: VST Vic Cross


Acknowledged, Established, Exalted, Well-known, Famous, Dignified, Sublime, Astute

Whispers and Quotes

  • "Mallory's got something that's sadly lacking in most kindred these days. If there were more like her, I probably would never have left the for the anarchs." - Simon Creed
  • "The Prince is fucking crazy, don't get me wrong. Not so much the scissors in the shower kind, but more you know that the fucking sex would be amazing if she'd just give it up. But you need to fucking know that she's always done right by us and as far as that goes she's got a lock stock squad of wizards ready to burn any newbs that think they can rick roll her around." - Elijah Barrow
  • "I once stated, bluntly, that I lived my unlife entirely without friendship or companionship. I am afraid that Prince Moore has proved me a liar. She speaks with the Voice of God. That talent, I value beyond words." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "I don't think I have ever used the word 'sweet' to describe a prince before in all my life. But how could I not? Prince Moore is an absolute darling. She just has this air of southern charm and politesse about her that is undeniable. And perhaps a little disarming." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "My first and most favorite Childe. While we have our private differences, I could not be more adoring of her. She has blossomed in the last half century as a Praxis-holder -- fulfilling more than I could possibly have imagined for her when we first met all those years ago." - Benedict d'Holbach
  • "Prince Moore is both a capable leader and a lady of the highest degree. It is a shame the word 'adorable' has such childish connotations, for she is certainly deserving of adoration." - Orenna
  • "I have found it most fascinating how certain individuals have earned high station and success despite experiencing the most appalling of experiences. What strength of will, what horrific contenance must they have to not only master the monsters around them... but to do so with grace and gallantry intact? And more curiously, what will result should that being fall into the pit of darkness?" - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave

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