Marc Zantosa

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Sabbat PC

Player: Jacob Bieber
Character: Marc Zantosa
Clan: Lasombra
Position: None
Domain: CA-057-D
VST: Charles Rieser

Character Information

Name: Marc Zantosa

Clan: Lasombra

Status: False Sabbat

Notable Traits: A humane glow to his body and a consistent heart beat


Marc Zantosa, as his sister drew him

Alluring and mysterious; Marc is a strangely humane looking member of the Sabbat. He is often dressed finely in the latest (and most expensive) of fashion. One look at him though can be infuriating, as he's got that look, that no matter how he dressed he would be attractive.


Jan 22nd 1964: Born in New York, New York
Aug 14th 2000: Using the Art of Viscissitude; making his body look closer to his actual age, Marc begins to put his skills with manipulating human flesh to the business of being one of the single best plastic surgeons
Feb 12th 2012: Decides to retire from his practice after realizing that his taste in beauty might be starting to disagree with the people he's serving; and that's bad for business (sometimes it can be hard to silence some very angry clients. And not everyone can just be murdered.)
Jul 9th 2013: Resurfaces as his own son, but this time in the business world
Apr 1st 2014: Makes his name known in the business world by making his first million in just under a year
May 3rd 2014: Publishes three different books on how to be successful in business, becomes a small celebrity.
Dec 15th 2014: His company is bought out before it has a chance to grow more; he is kept on as a high level executive to help steer the future of his now satellite company.
Jan 22nd 2016: Wakes up in his home, a note pinned to his chest, "Welcome to Clan Lasombra." No memory of the last night, and holes in lots of places over the last year.


  • Right now I'm just trying really hard not to die, just wait until you get to know me. I become a much bigger asshole.--Marc
  • feel free to add your own


  • He doesn't actually know anything about running a business, he just knows who to screw to get other people to run it.
  • A revenant shouldn't be left to their own devices for as long as he was. Who knows what he got up to before someone sent him back to us?
  • He's completely obsessed with his sister, I'd say it was creepy, but I just ate a dude so my judgement scale is a bit off.
  • feel free to add your own

OOC Information

Player: Jacob Bieber

MES Number: US2013080041

Location: San Diego, CA