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Marcellus King was born in a southern African country on October 23, 1842. His father, leader of the king’s personal guard, spoiled Marcellus. He catered to Marcellus’ every whim. So Marcellus grew up pampered beyond belief. As a young child of 10, his father started teaching him how to fight. First with his hands and feet, then with weapons. But the thing that he pushed on Marcellus the most was strength. “For without strength, you can never conquer your enemies” he would say. Sometimes during training, he would have Marcellus carry logs. Smalls ones at first, then up to progressively larger ones.

As he got older, naturally, he got stronger. So much so that his father had to hire weapon masters that were far stronger and more skilled than he since Marcellus’ strength alone was making him a formidable opponent.

At the age of twenty five, Marcellus was allowed to join the king’s personal guard. It was at this time the Dutch arrived. Marcellus overheard his father and his advisors planning a raid after a scout had spotted a Dutch army nearby. The scout said that it looked like they were going to pass the city heading east but suddenly changed course and began southward toward the city. Marcellus stepped out from where he had been hiding and told his father he wanted to fight with the other warriors when the Dutch came. His father told him no; that he was not yet ready for battle. This angered Marcellus because he knew that he was ready. His father just didn’t want him to be killed. Two days later the Dutch assaulted the city. Hundreds were killed on both sides. With the advantage of superior weaponry on their side, the Dutch prevailed in days. The commander of the Dutch forces enslaved the people of the city. To seal his victory and to demoralize the citizens, he publicly executed the royal family. Marcellus went wild. He grabbed the nearest Dutch soldier and snapped his neck then grabbed his sword. Marcellus showed his strength as he cut a swath through fifteen Dutch soldiers before they were able to subdue him. He was chained and saddled with a yoke made of metal. It was heavier than anything he had lifted before and it kept him hunched over when he was walking and on his knees when he wasn’t. He simply couldn’t summon the strength to stand straight up with it on.

He made Marcellus wear it for weeks but Marcellus never broke. He always tried to break free or slip out of it somehow. The Dutch commander saw this and admired his inner strength. So he made him an offer: he would remove the yoke if he agreed to be his servant. To Marcellus, this was less of an offer than a way to humiliate him so he told the commander what he could do with his offer. The commander’s laughter could be heard out into the streets as he ordered Marcellus’ parents executed. He looked at the titan he had enslaved and told him he would serve and willingly. If he didn’t, he would start killing the women and children of his city while he watched. Marcellus reluctantly agreed and his heart filled with rage at the humiliation of having allowed the royal family to be slaughtered. Now he had to serve as a slave. It was almost unbearable! Marcellus served the commander for a year before he saw an opportunity to escape. He took it and was promptly caught by a Dutch soldier. The soldier brought Marcellus before the commander. He then told Marcellus that he would serve without disobedience; without trying to escape. If he tried to escape again, and for every attempt after that, twenty five of his people would be killed.

Marcellus told him that if he laid a hand on one of his people, he would kill him. The commander promptly called to a Dutch soldier, told him to pull the first man off the street he could find and bring him to his quarters. He ordered another guard to bring Marcellus as well. Once in the quarters, the commander raped the man while Marcellus was made to watch, powerless. The man called to him for help but Marcellus had been chained to the wall. He struggled against his bonds until he bled. When he was finished, the commander taunted Marcellus, begging him to break free and kill him; all the while laughing.

That was the last straw. Marcellus summoned every ounce of strength he had and tore the chains from the wall. He rushed the commander and wrapped his hands around his throat and squeezed for all he was worth. The guards in the room beat Marcellus unconscious.

Marcellus woke up the next morning, yoked again. The commander stood over him sneering. For the audacity of putting his hands on the commander, he had earned a public castration. Marcellus tried to stand but was kicked by a guard and fell back to the ground. The guards then picked him up by his legs and dragged him to the city square where, true to his word, the commander personally proceeded to castrate him. Marcellus roared in pain and swore in between cuts that the commander was going to die by his hands before the next sunrise.

That night, after the royal physician had tended to the wounds inflicted on him and left, a shadow fell over Marcellus. He opened his eyes and sat bolt upright only to be rewarded with searing pain. The commander stood over him smiling. Marcellus noticed that he didn’t have any guards with him. The commander bent down right into Marcellus’ face and said, ”Not so tough without your manhood are you?”

The commander never saw it coming.

Marcellus suddenly swung the yoke hard to his right, hitting the commander in the head and knocking him down. Marcellus jumped over to him despite the unbelievable pain he felt and locked his jaws over the commander’s throat, ripping it out. He watched as the commander bled to death, spitting the flesh of his throat back into his face.

Then he heard the sound of clapping from behind him. A woman was standing in the doorway. “I KNEW you could do it!” she said smiling. “Despite all I threw at you, you still killed that piece of trash.”

Marcellus looked up at her in shock. “What did you do?!”

“Well,” she said. “I told the commander where your city was so he could conquer it. I told him to kill your parents. Hell, I even told him to castrate you. I wanted to see what it would take to break you. But you were like steel: never bending, never breaking.”

“Hundreds of my people died! Why would you do such a thing?!”

“Because I see greatness in you. Greatness beyond being a simple warrior. That is if you want it. Your family is dead and you cannot have children. So there is nothing here for you.” She then explained who and what she was. After giving him proof of being kindred, he made a counter offer.

“OK, I will accept your offer under one condition: you help me kill every Dutch soldier in this city…tonight!”

The woman threw her head back and laughed with glee. “Of course my son. We will leave no soldier untouched.”

With that, she embraced him and they sated their thirst with the blood of the remaining Dutch soldiers.



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  • "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali
  • "Psychotic is a three-syllable word for any thought too big for little minds."


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Character Information
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Chuck Harris
Storyteller: Matt Carter

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