Margareta Sasul

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“And after the commanded journey, what?
Nothing magnificent, nothing unknown./ A gazing out from far away, alone.
And it is not particular at all, / Just old truth dawning: there is no next-time-round. / Unroofed scope. Knowledge-freshening wind.”

-Seamus Heaney

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Silja S.
Storyteller: Stacie K.


Information Known by Kindred Society

- Master Harpy at San Juan court and Whip for Clan Tremere in Puerto Rico.
- Status: Prominent, Noble and Guardian as Harpy; Courteous, Acclaimed, Favoured x3.
- Often travels with a ghoul named Jared Wynters.
- Was the very successful Tremere Clan Steward for over two years.
- Margareta is originally from Romania. She was a ghoul for a while before being embraced and is so old, she is considered an Elder.
- She is a widely traveled diplomat/ negotiator who has helped Kindred of many different clans as well as facilitated negotiations with and amongst mortals.
- Margareta has been based in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the last 200 years, but still travels a lot.

Margareta's Pintrest for photos, mood pics etc- OOC, NOT ICly maintained by the PC.

Notable Traits
- Good at public speaking, but also at listening.
- Always dressed in expensive, fashionable, but conservative suits and dresses.
- A facilitator, able to get on with anyone.



Known Childer

Margareta in 1771 1771.jpg and casting a ritual as regent Sasul.jpg


  • She must be a Nos, she knows so much about so many people.
  • The Black Queen indeed....
  • She once looked at a man and he froze solid.
  • She has a problem with Assamites because they won't die when she looks at them.
  • She has been ordered to become known as the Chatty Tremere so you don't look behind the curtain'
  • Got rumors? Add 'em!

In the Words of Others

"Margareta and I traveled together for a little while; we have some common background, which made us an effective team when we needed to get out of a few tense situations." - Eileen Vargas
"Miss Sasul was well spoken the few times we have crossed paths." - Peter Legba
"My every encounter with Margareta has me looking forward to the next." - Salvatore Giovanni
"Snarky and intelligent, quick witted and eloquent...I'm glad to know Miss Sasul." - Amber Tsigane
"I may not have known her very long, but Amber trusts her, so she can't be that bad." - Cadance_Chicane
"She is always willing to listen and she is one I would go to first if I needed advice" - Lydia Brooks
"She is capable....for a Witch." - Elisheva
"Gospodica Sasul is actually very nice and took the time to not only speak with me but teach. She I have respect for as does my regnant" - Zeljko Bukatarevic
"I appreciate a well organized Kindred. Harpy Sasul gets the job done and is always very accommodating when I visit San Juan. She's becoming a person I respect for her hard-work and tenacity." -Erica Kain
"Margareta is always awesome to see when I go to San Juan. She makes visiting easy." - Zoe De Medici
"Margareta is a reminder that no slight, no matter how small, aught be forgiven, nor kindness, no matter how great, aught be forgotten." - Rand Ryan
"Master Harpy Sasul is the barometer of the Ivory Tower; hers is among the voices I turn to first when I question which way the Kindred winds might blow." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
"Quite chatty for a Tremere. Then again she is the Harpy. So maybe she isn't chatty enough. I look forward to seeing which wins out for her. I didn't even have to remind her that the corners are for my clan." Penny Dreadful
"If Margareta Sasul was a like unto any flower, she would be Autumn Crocus; a beautiful and benign thing by appearances, until crossed. Then one is given to learn that Autumn Crocus is arguably the most poisonous bloom in the world. Tread carefully gardeners." - Arden
"Calm, insightful, organized, competent. These qualities make for a far better harpy than the stereotypical catty rumormongering so in vogue. Fortunately Ms. Sasul possesses them all." - A. Winchester
"In the short time I've known Harpy Sasul, she's helped me transition into a role my family has wished me to take for nearly a century. I've grudgingly agreed and have found her a kindred that appreciates my brand of politics. Milk 'em for what they are worth." - Charlotte Belle
"The 'Chatty Tremere' is an amusing moniker that hides the true talent of speaking many words without saying anything at all. She speaks so much that her conversational partners feel compelled to do the same by recounting their life story to Mrs Sasul's very quick ears." - Toreador Steward Dorian Burroughs
"Her closet doesn't, like, have anything on her gossip. Which is saying something. Vintage stores can go eat their hearts out. But not like... literally. 'Cause Ew." - Addison Bell
"Signora Sasul kept me quite entertained at several Camarilla functions in centuries past. A most charming and knowledgeable woman." - Draco Rossellini
"In a word: Indispensable." - Captain Sawyer
"Good company, but far too seldom." - Orenna Komnenos
"Lady Tremere. Offer nice words. Accept Stoneking speech. Not like others. Or is. Not sure. Watch carefully." - Stoneking
"I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the kindness Master Harpy Sasul has shown me throughout this year. Her words inspire me to come out of my shell, and encourage me through my trials throughout my new journey within Camarilla." -Abigal Beauchemin
"Your Quote Here." - You

OOC Information

Player: Silja S. US2007070070

Location: Arkansas