Maria Liliana "Flaca" Guerrero

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Sabbat PC

Player: Tanya Telson
Character: Maria Liliana Guerrero
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Domain: CA-051-D
VST: Matt Hull

OnyxPathBrujahAnti.png OnyxPathSabbat.png


Character Information


  • Maria Liliana "Flaca" Guerrero (Known as " Maria Lily")


  • Brujah-Anti


Political Faction:


  • Abiding: Initiated
  • Fleeting: Warned

Notable Traits:

  • Dresses like a Chola, the likes of which not seen since the 1990's.
  • Has a wide variety of tattoos. The artistry ranges from well-done to prison-style scratches.



Quotes & Rumors

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  • Honestly feels Ozzy Diaz is the best lay she's ever had. Something about that Vicissitude drives her wild.
  • Secretly wants to be a Disney Princess, complete with ball gown and tiara. She learned Animalism specifically so she could sing to birds and have mice do her chores.

OOC Information

Player: Tanya Telson

Soundtrack of Lily

  • Selena
  • Cypress Hill
  • En Vogue
  • Queen Latifah
  • Mary J. Blige

Concept Inspirations

  • Shelly Marinez
  • Bloodlettes
  • "Living the Life" (Movie, 2000)