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Changeling PC

Player: Abbey Kraus
Character: Maria Rose (Deseased)
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Dawn
Freehold: Freehold of the Seven Hills
VST: [1] Abbey Kraus

Character Information

Character is Dead or Retired Please Contact VST for more Information

Maria Rose.jpg

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Flowering

Court: Dawn


Court dawn.pngSeeming-fairest.png

Dawn (4) The feeling of anticipation shivers down the spine of someone near her as if a predetor were watching ready to pounce. The sounds of branches snapping can be heard loudly as she walks away as if breaking the tension she holds in the air. Standing next to her two changelings will notice their mantles fighting, trying desperately to overpower the other. The Stronger mantle though will always win. Around her the smell of fresh flowers fills the senses as well, the smells resemble a bouquet of roses.

Notable Traits:

  • Striking Looks (2): Severe scarring on her hands, Bright Red Hair, and old clothes worn in and with holes
  • Presence 4

Title or Position:

Hallowed Garden1.png
  • Saint
  • Gardener
  • Interrogator
  • The Wandering


Maria generally keeps to the simple look and almost always wears her gardeners gloves, when she's not wearing them her fingers are all tipped a dark vibrant green. Her pants are kept up by a rope and her clothes always have holes and tears in them. When the sun's out she wears a big hat that keeps her skin from being in direct sunlight. If someone were to touch her they would think they were feeling flower petals even for how much work she does her skin stays soft and smooth. Her eyes are bright green like the color of leaves. Her voice is soft and whispy, when she gets angry her voice turns loud and raspy. When around her it's hard to not feel slightly intimidated, just her presence and standing there she seems to be planning something. The sheer fact of not knowing makes her seem dangerous.

WP 20141216 003.jpg


  • "I'm not familiar with your court and its actions, but you seem to not act like the stereotypical courtier."
  • "Being a changeling is a gift, do not squander your present living in the past."
  • "Chicago's a fun place, and Maria's a fun person! Always happy to head to the Scoured Freehold." - DJ Radix
  • "Another one of these Dawn Courtiers...I wonder if they're made of sunlight? Someone jab this needle into her and let me know." Professor Mercury


  • She's nice enough. She's either just ridiculously sweet or incredibly conniving.
    • Why not both?
  • She is buying all the Favors the Members of the Scoured Freehold owe Mr.Draco only to cash them in for selfish reasons.
  • She seems obsessed with the mating preferences of changelings.
  • She generally cares about people until she is back stabbed and then she needs to show she will not be pushed around.
  • She lies about how long she's been out of the hedge, in actuality she's very new.
  • Once spent hours talking to someone who lost his emotions, just to try and help him figure out what happened.
  • Left the Chicago area because of death threats, though she claims it was because she was getting tired of the bullshit.
  • She found a place to settle down finally, living in the dunes of Lake Michigan.
  • She could never leave the Chicago area, if you look hard enough it's easy to find her.

Changelings She Knows

  • 'Becca Wulfe: she's an active changeling, definitely serves The Scoured Freehold well. She does have a hard time trusting other changelings though.
  • Haley Skye: One of these days she'll be a good blackbird. Until then we are lucky she's not the only one.
  • Wally Harrel: he's got a lot of work to do if he wants to be a good monarch one day. At least he is trying though. He does have the fighting Summer spirit that is hard to forget. He does need to learn the places where to not stick his nose.
  • Mr. Draco: I've known him for a while and he seems to be a respectable changeling.
  • Nicholas Rex: He's a typical moon courtier, if you want something done under the table he's the one to go to.
  • Toby Harrel: at first glance you notice he's a quiet changeling. Get to know him and you'll find that he's much like the other springs.
  • Samael Fey: wonderful changeling to take you across the hedge, though he is a bit awkward to converse with in the real.
  • Jin Shen': has a level head that allows him to not be destructive with his memorable summer wrath. A changeling you should be honored to know.
  • Dawn: Winter Courtier I met in a grocery store, she seems to be nice enough, still a winter, so she's not what she seems.

OOC Information

Player:Abbey Kraus

MES Number: US2013060093

Location: Cincinnati