Mariah Lily Buchanan

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"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

Sire: Franziskus Winter

Appearance and Notable Traits: X

Titles: None currently; former Harpy of Richmond, VA

Status: Acknowledged, Established (Ancilla), Fashionable in the eyes of Alonso Gutierrez

Coteries/Societies: The Fellowship of the Timeless Hand

It's All About Her

  • Embraced in 1889 in san francisco, yadda yadda
  • Fun timeline stuff here
  • More here
  • You get the idea

Cut From the Same Cloth

Arikel, 3rd gen NPC
Helena, 4th gen NPC
François Villon, 5th gen NPC
Brisazardo, 6th gen NPC
Andreas, 7th gen NPC
Franziskus Winter, 8th gen PC

Childer: None.

Rumors & Gossip

  • She used to be quite an accomplished maker of costumes for the theater, but in recent years has decided to wade into the world of couture in hopes of making her mark in the fashion industry. Some might charitably call this brave.
  • Many of her outfits are literally torturous to wear. (It makes the models move just right.)
  • She constructed the costume worn by her maker's mechanical ballerina at the 2015 Toreador Ball, having outperformed her "Auntie Sybille" for the privilege.
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Reviews & Commentary

  • "As much as it pained me for us to part ways, Mariah had to follow the urgings of her muse. For those of our Blood, there is no higher calling, and I remain quite proud of her." -- Franziskus Winter, Elder Toreador Prince of Richmond, VA
  • "Eschewing the comfort of her sire, she strode bravely into the wilds west of the mighty Mississippi. May she find the inspiration she seeks and the recognition she deserves." -- Alonso Gutierrez, Elder Toreador Harpy of Richmond, VA
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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Seattle, WA
Player: Liz Ritter
Storyteller: VST

OOC Information

Player: Elizabeth Ritter US2004092173