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"Voodoo is not some kind of black magic cult. It's the distillation of very profound religious ideas that came over during the tragic era of slavery." -Wade Davis

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Name: Marielle Belanger
Creature Type: Human Thaumaturge
Cell: Puerto Rico
Positions and Titles: Agent
Division: The Gatekeepers
Status: Accord 1 | Division 1

Personality Marielle communicates easily with the living, the dead, and the spirits. She's extremely personable and friendly, even when the dead are of more interest to her.

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, Seductive Grace 3, Death-Touched 4, Medium 5, Natural Medium, Gatekeeper.

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Marielle was raised in a normal Christian family, but learned at an early age that she was anything but normal. She heard the whispers of the dead starting early on, but learned quickly not to speak of it to her family. She had been institutionalized once because of that. At one point her parents even threatened her with an exorcism, because she was obviously possessed by something. Little did they know...

Marielle grew an interest in Vodoun in her teens and began researching it, becoming fully emersed in the religion as soon as she graduated. She kept in touch with Christian religious leaders over time, interested in maintaining good relations with other religions. She was later initiated by the loa as a Mambo, her abilities as a Vodoun becoming more apparent.

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Marielle was brought into the Accord in 2012 as part of the Un Arbol cell. She had been affiliated with some of it's members for a while though. After an incident in early 2013, Marielle went on a spiritual journey for the last two years. She has recently resurfaced within the new, reunified cell of Puerto Rico, claiming her dreams and divinations brought her back to rejoin the active roster.

The loa and so many other dead speak to Marielle on a regular occasion. Jacques Saunier found Marielle, hearing of a new Mambo on the island. He approached her because of this, eventually beginning to train her to become a Gatekeeper. Before she could swear the Oath; however, she went inactive from both her training and the Accord. Her training resumed shortly after she returned. In June 2015, just before passing from this life in Roanoke, Jacques formally inducted Marielle into the Gatekeepers.

Whispers come to Marielle from both the dead and the living. She seduces secrets from the living, uses the dead to spy on them... Few things are sacred in a war.

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  • Marielle is an extremely attractive woman in her early 30s. She is rarely seen without a white, lightweight dress, with her hair pulled back in a white bandana or headband. Often, she is carrying a messenger bag over her shoulder, with at least a bottle of rum and a good bottle of scotch inside.

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  • Spirits
  • Persuasion

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