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Name: Marilyn St. Paul
Creature Type: All too human
Template: Genius billionaire engineer government agent
Division: Task Force: VALKYRIE

Physical Description: Marilyn is a too-thin, pale woman with sharp features, thin lips, and dark blue eyes. Her curly auburn hair just brushes her shoulders. She typically wears jeans and slacks with simple shirts and jackets, and carries a briefcase or messenger bag. She is often toying with a laptop, tablet, or her phone.


  • "You like flame throwers? I have one. Let's meet up for a game of pin the fire on the anything."
  • "Bring cinnamon twists, and I'll bring vanilla vodka, the lunch of champions."
  • Speaking to warring factions of the High Council in another timeline: "You're right to be cautious. We can't lose Accord members left and right, taking unnecessary risks. For everyone one of us we lose, dozens or hundreds or thousands of ordinary people are doomed, and we need every Accord member we can get to win this the same time, we have to be prepared to sacrifice. We have to be prepared to lose ourselves to save the world. You see, for every one of us that dies, dozens or hundreds or thousands of ordinary people are doomed...and this is all about saving them. Not us."
  • "Can you not die? I'm really getting used to the cheesecake."


  • "We understood each other when we were at our lowest; supported each other. We still do, for it is all we can do. She is one of my closest friends. - Jacques Saunier
    • "So, Jacques made sure I didn't die, once. It happened to be the most important time. I will always owe him. Always."
  • "I have heard Ms. St. Paul has a bad attitude and is unprofessional. I've not found that to be true. She is always capable, polite and intelligent in our all too infrequent encounters" - Dr. Julian Silvasi
    • "I do have a bad attitude. Or did? Or maybe a low tolerance for nonsensical bullshit. Still, thanks?"
  • "That is my BFF. Hurt her and I will hurt you." - Joline Dubois
    • "Love you too, magical Mexican food girl."
  • "Marilyn is the kind of person that I could definitely hang out with. She's snarky and sassy and she doesn't take shit from anyone. That being said...Gotta admit, I worry about her quite a bit." - Dea Tacita
    • "Damn it."
  • "She seems intriguing. I hope to have the opportunity to help her in her workshop soon." - Professor Philo Taylor, Ph.D
    • "Not just no. Capital no. Both letters. NO."
  • "She's more like me than I feel comfortable explaining. Suffice it to say I'm glad, very glad, to have come to know her. And maybe to become her friend." - David Anderson
    • "Hey let's go drink and shoot things."
  • "She is perhaps the only person who has never allowed my age to be a detriment to our interactions, she judges me based on my capabilities and my performance, and for that I am ever thankful. Beyond that, she is a dear friend who I would do nearly anything for." - Daniel
    • "So, he can turn into a giant wolf, and it's like having this really really intelligent puppy that doesn't shit on the floor ever."
  • "In another life...." - Ben
    • "In another life I'm probably dead."
  • "She's my boss, my patient, and my charge. I'll take a bullet, claw, or magic wand for her if I have to. Ms. St. Paul has a lot more to contribute here than I do, and I'd rather she gets the artillery firing so I don't have to take that bullet. Also, not really my boss. It's complicated." - Devin Grey
    • "Hey, look, I didn't run into the line of fire."
  • "I'm pretty sure that any wall I can't break, she could blow up. Sometimes I provide cover for her, which is alright because I'm pretty sure her shots are hurting them more than theirs hurt me. Teamwork!"- Blue
  • "So don't tell her this, but she's super intimidating. I mean, I love her, but she's super intimidating."- Aurora
  • "She does not have a 'normal' seriously...she's weird even for a hunter." - Siren
  • "Your quote here." - Your PC's Name Here


  • Marilyn drinks because her company, Saint Industries, is going under.
  • Her seemingly super-malleable mood is due to bipolar disorder, complicated by drinking.
  • Jacques Saunier has some major blackmail over her. It's the only reason she listens to him more than anyone else.
  • She might be Batman.
  • Marilyn once purchased all the copies of Twilight that could be found in a city, just to hold a bonfire with them for fuel.
  • Her inventions have helped thousands of people...almost as many as her company helped to kill.
  • In another reality, Marilyn was promoted to the High Council after ending a major conflict between factions of the Accord--by sitting at a table and talking for fifteen minutes. Daniel and Aurora, her delegation wingmen, suggested she be chosen as the first mortal on the Council, and the present members agreed, right before the timeline collapsed and they were returned to their own reality...just in time to cut short Marilyn's cries of "Guys, I'm not really sure I'm council material..."
  • Marilyn met Satan, and thinks he's cute.
  • Set calls her beautiful, if only to get a rise out of her bodyguard.
  • Marilyn walked across the battlefield in front of Dracula's castle, shot at the soldiers of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse (War, to be exact), and helped Setah-sefer lead the Accord's way through hell--all without earning so much as a scratch. She did get shot in her own house, though.
  • She blames herself for Devin Grey's introduction to the Truth, and can't get over her guilt.
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Marilyn St. Paul

Creature Type: mortal
Cell: Miami
Player: Kimberly Davis
VST: Puerto Rico Accord VST


  • Tony Stark
  • Gregory House, MD
  • Doc Holiday

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