Marisa Boyd

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IC Information

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Julie Peloquin
Storyteller: Tim Clancy

Available to Most Vampires

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Notable Traits

When out of her bandages, she looks like the "worst case scenario" image of a chemical peel.
No matter what Mask she wears, you can always recognize Marisa by her skull cameo necklace and green lipstick.

Commonly Known History

  • Embraced in the 1920s, but her attitude required a particularly long accounting
  • Marisa arrived publicly in the Boston court in 1970
  • She is claimed as a childe by [Mr. Allen]

Known Services and Skills

  • Retrieval, negotiation, reconnaissance. Don't do bodies, though I can refer you to a real good guy for that.

Available to Camarilla Kindred

Camarilla Status (4)

  • Acknowledged in the Domain of Boston
  • Established as an Ancillae of the Camarilla
  • Noble as Nosferatu Primogen
  • Honorable by Mr. Allen, Elder of clan Nosferatu.
  • Loyal By Mr. Allen, while he was still Primogen.
  • Favored By Prince Stanford Warwick of Fall River

History known to Camarilla Insiders

Marisa is a young Ancilla, having first appeared in the court of Boston alongside Mr Allen in the early 1970s some few years after her embrace. She has a history of vanishing from society for a number of years unexpectedly, only to reappear again with little to no fanfare.

Previously Held Camarilla Titles

Available to Nosferatu

  • Marisa was once a model, and spent the first few years of her unlife getting over the transition.


Known Childer

  • H S Lost
  • Jane


  • Sometimes it looks like she's talking to herself.
  • The only reason she's allied with Mr. Allen is to get information, and then use it against him.


Rivals and Antagonists


  • (Want to be one? Email me!)

Notable Quotes

  • "So basically, you're looking for bait." - Marisa, questioning her role in one of Mr. Allen's plans.
  • "My cousin is a perfect example of what it means to be Nosferatu.. I'll let you figure out exactly what I mean by that though." -Rags
  • "Seems smart." - Kasserine Powell
  • "There are conditions that create unique features in an area. Boston is an area that is extrodinary due to the quality of those who live there. Marisa Boyd embodies the finest qualities of a strong, Independent city whose pride runs deeper than its warrens. I delight in the thought of any future encounters we may have." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Allen, Kasserine and Rags - each have their own qualities but all are showmen. Marisa is the one you need to watch for. Quiet, watching you from the other side of the room. With that gaze that tells you she's been rifling through your haven when you're away, those damnable crocodiles of hers somewhere nearby." - Goodman Goring
  • "I believe she is one of the younger family. Interesting from what I hear. I'm looking forward to speaking with her and I don't say that about many folks". - Penny Dreadful.
  • "Do not let her age or inexperience fool you. Her wit is as sharp as any sword and she is a master at using it." - Jared Goodman
  • Maybe she does have a rep as a ne'er-do-well of some type. As a crook myself this is me throwing no stones. But she's dealt with me straight, and moved my ass along when it likely would have gotten shot to hell trying to win a fight I should not have been in. She's got my respect - and should she need it, my friendship." - Malcolm Donovan
  • "Maybe one day we'll have a conversation at length. But you know, she lives in Boston. They don't like me there." -Nenette
  • "The more I hear about her, the more I like her. Which is a rare thing considering the nature of rumors I am typically party to." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Ms. Marisa Boyd was quite eloquent in the little bit I heard her speak. She will, in time, redeem the view of many about those of her line." - de heer Davydov
  • "Of course I know he has a childe. How she survived him is the question you should be asking me." - Serratus
    • "Dear cousin, why do you think so few of my siblings are still around?"

OOC Background Information For Character Ties Only


Marisa is a consummate grifter, always looking for the next big score.

Ties Sought

  • Allies
  • Former co-workers
  • Business associates
  • Fellow Nosferatu
  • Anyone who would remember her short-lived career.
  • Someone she double crossed

History (in Progress)



Player Information

Player: Julie Peloquin </div> </div>