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"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

NOTE : This page is a placeholder for a Masquerade PC that will be registered to the Atlanta Masquerade VSS. Without express permission from the player, the information contained on and linked from this page is classified as OOC Knowledge. Everything on these pages is subject to change, without prior notice to you, per ST fiat or player whim.

IC Information


GRANDSIRE: Mellandis
SIRE: Camilla Baines
BROODMATES: Aishe bint Da'ud and Konrad von Koln
CHILDER: None known.

What is Known by Kindred Society

Marisa Braeden is recognized within the halls of the most vaunted Elysia as an ancient Oracle of eerily remarkable skill. Often as not, the news she gives isn't relished or welcomed - Greater Truth rarely is. She enjoys teaching, opening minds to knowledge it had not thought to seek before, but her lessons are harsh and cruel. She believes very strongly that broken Malkavians (wacky-crazy-gimmick ones) are a blight that needs to be purged from the face of the world. She is known, within her Clan and beyond, as a formidable opponent of stupidity and as a dauntless executioner in those instances where Darwin fails to claim his own.

If her background is approved, she was originally a slave girl brought to Constantinople as a gift for Emperor Justinian and was ghouled by the city's Prince after the human emperor's death, to be his Seer since he could not trust key members of his own Court to always be truthful with him. She spent nearly 700 years as a ghoul, and was then embraced by a respected elder of House Mahasti. She's spent extensive time in the lands of the Byzantine Empire - and later in Russia, Germany, France, and England - before coming to the New World around the beginning of the 20th Century.


Former Servire to Archon Calla, 1999 to 2009

Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Elder, Established, Venerated as an Elder of the Camarilla
Prestigious Sire in Camilla Baines, founding Justicar - pending approval by ST chain

Notable Traits: Oracular Ability, and Prestigious Sire (Camilla Baines) - pending approval by the ST chain

Other names by which Marisa has been known: Amyrrah / Kassandra Apollinis / Kharene of Romania / Iwazaru / Gabhriele Dane


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Key Dates

  • Born in 522 AD
  • Ghouled in 565
  • Embraced in 1243

Abridged Timeline
Early to Mid 6th Century, Fall of the Vandal Kingdom
Amyrrah, daughter of Gelimar and his sorceress consort, is taken to Constantinople with the other slaves. After an unexpected demonstration of her prophetic talent during the journey, General Belisarius made of her a gift for Emperor Justinian. After twenty years of prophecies that foretold all the great and terrible things that would come to pass during Justinian's reign, Amyrrah was *blessed* by a nighttime visit from a woman she cannot remember. Even as her mouth was opened to receive the Blood, her mind was opened also. Amyrrah was shown The Great Truth, and her visions were warped and tinged forever because of it. The woman's gift to the human empire she privately loathed was a young Voice who could no longer speak of victory or success, only foretell the betrayals and conquests that would defeat them for centuries to come.

Mid to Late 6th Century, The death of Emperor Justinian I
Amyrrah, now shunned in the emperor's court because she cannot say the things they most want to hear, is summoned to a gathering of the vampires of Constantinople. She is then given the blood of the Prince; once under the new moon and once under the full, thus partially lifting the curse under which she labors so her visions, both good and ill, can be voiced to her regnant. Constantinople's Prince issues the edict that she is now his sibyl, giving her the name "Kassandra Apollinis", and that to violate her is to suffer his wrath. She is relocated to his palace and adorned with silks and golden chains. She is forbidden to speak unless at his command.

7th Century to 12th Century, The Epoch of Chains
For seven hundred years, Kassandra travels where she is told and delivers via scroll those prophecies and tidings she is bid. She learns even more of the craft of divination - dark whispers hinting she learned at the feet of Tryphosa. Kassandra is reviled by many of the vampires to whom she is sent for the truths she delivers unto them at the behest of Constantinople and Rome and for the power her words - while still only a ghoul - contain. She was even held prisoner for a time, by a Brujah elder in Carthage furious with the perceived heresy of her message, but her vitae-enhanced natural gift is valued so greatly that not even he would risk her Prince's wrath to permanently silence it.

12th Century, The Fall of Jerusalem
Many of the Clan begin a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Camilla and those with whom she travel make a two-month stop in Constantinople, on their way to Europe after their time in Jerusalem. On their final night in the city, Kassandra is summoned before the Court and her chains placed by the Prince into Camilla's hand. Once they were away from Constantinople, Camilla ordered the chains broken so that Kassandra's body would be as free as her mind would, in the care of House Mahasti, become.

13th Century, A Shattering and Rejoining
On the same night that the founding of the Priory of St Mary of Bethlehem was celebrated in London England, Camilla gave Embrace to Kassandra in the shadow of Prague Castle at the ford in the Vitava River. Kassandra's mind fully shattered then, freeing her soul to once again speak all truths where the shackles of mortality had constrained her before. After her Embrace, Kassandra (now Kharene of Romania) dreams of the troubled times ahead for the Clan. She is encouraged by Camilla to look more deeply within the Great Tapestry, and to share with Camilla and Aishe (and Konrad von Koln when he is embraced into their fold) the news of all she is able to perceive within the warp and weave of Reality.

14th Century, The Decimation, and the Start of the Great Fall
The Black Death decimates the population of Europe and, unknown to most, the Ventrue Haardestadt is diablerized by the Brujah Tyler, an early leader of the Anarch movement. This century is not an easy one for Kharene. Her sleep is fitful, disturbed by nightmares of things to come, and her waking hours are spent trying to transcribe the visions that blur her reality with past and future combined.

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1493, Treaty of Thorns
Marisa was commanded to attend the Great Conclave at Thorns, to listen and not speak, to deliver messages and to faithfully transcribe all Voices and Visions that came to her, as she had done while in the chains of service to Constantinople. By grace of the gods or the Fates (or the powers of the Ancients, themselves), she was blessed with lucidity for the duration of the Conclave. Her diaries from that Conclave, if the truth of their location could be pried from her mind or her broodmates', would be a priceless treasure, indeed.

15th Century, The Call to Domazlice and the Great Prank
Aishe, not knowing what exactly what was on the winds, but understanding that a change was coming that could potentially undo the gifts their elders had come to rely so steadfastly upon them for, bound Kharene and Konrad and hid them in a well where sunlight could not touch them nor could they be found. Thus it was that when Dominate was awakened within the Clan at large, Kharene and Konrad were sheltered enough that their connection to the unfettered Sight was left unbroken.

16th Century to 19th Century, << OPEN TO TRAVEL AND TIES >>
Kharene tries to understand the schism that sundered not only her Clan but the sanctity of a whole vampiric society. Why it came about. Why it was necessary to the Greater Truth. She questions and travels extensively, seeking out any who might be able to point her to this one seemingly unanswerable Truth. She creates four childer and sends them out into the world, each to live and serve faithfully a different faction in the hope that they can find for her the reasons. She delves into the greater mysteries of divination and madness, even (as Gabhriele Dane) calling the asylums of Moscow, Munich, Paris, and London home for a time so she has direct access to those blessed most deeply with the Sight.

20th Century, The Rapacity of Forward Motion
Unable to find the answers elsewhere and growing more positive each passing year that a Return to Sanctity is the key to their future survival as a race, Gabhriele travels to the New World in hope that the rapid changes being wrought are leaving enough of an impression on the Tapestry that she can follow the strands back to where they first began to ravel and shred. Under the name "Marisa Braeden", she observes the world of the humans very closely, becoming one of the first Elders to embrace the use of human technological ingenuity.

The Third Millenium AD, Trumpets Blow in The Final Days
To see her on the streets, one might think that Marisa is truly a creature of this era. Having fully embraced the conveniences and depravities of the modern world, she moves among the humans untouched and ever-watching, following wherever the Voices of the Tapestry lead. In February 2011, Marisa finds herself in Atlanta Georgia, whether by design or Fate, connections or happenstance is unknown to all but the eldest of House Mahasti.

Looking for Connections!

Outside of her House peers, Marisa is known to have shared close relationships with only a handful of kindred throughout the centuries. Most notably among them are Ms. Weaver, Duke Alphonse Eisenberg, Octavius Sage, and (2 PCs To Be Named). She isn't chatty about the nature of these relationships and allows others to draw of them what conclusions they will.

These are specific personal plot elements that I am looking to fill. Drop me a line if you're interested in one of these, or with your ideas for alternative background ties!

Boons: at least four trivial, two minor, two major and one blood boon.
Childer: one each from Camarilla, Anarch, Sabbat, and Autark (looking for the perfect story match)
Other PC Ties: no less than three long-standing enemies.

What They Say

  • "A perfect, singular moment in time. A place which had no setting, save fate, the coalescing of serendipity and two threads intertwining. Was I looking for an excuse, or was it fated, because He willed it? She knows. The song is playing through her head, and one day, she will sing it for the world to see. This is a thing I cannot do, and so her existence must be preserved. She has a role to play, yet...think not of harming her, save that you wish to discover the sharpness of my steel." - Rabbi Aaron
  • "I had the good fortune one mid-summer's night in 1452 with her. After our conversation I was never able to see the same way again; regardless of how hard I tried, I cannot close my Eye. She said I was the darkest monster she ever met, I told her she was the most broken mirror I had the pleasure to see shatter. charming kindred really; love her to no end." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick

What They Believe

  • It is believed that the Malkavian known as "Marisa Braeden" has never created a childe. There are, however, several vampires that walk the night whom reverently call her Mother.
  • Even though they are the perfect metaphor for the workings of Camarilla society, Marisa hates chains and shackles so much that she destroyed the minds of the entire court of the last Prince who tried to put her in them.
  • Don't touch her. Her voices get super angry if you do. And an elder oracle with super angry voices is NO FUN to play pranks around. Just sayin'.

OOC Information

Player: Sharon Yarbrough

Location: Atlanta, GA

Wiki Styling: The Red Queen

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
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City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Sharon Yarbrough
Storyteller: Dan F.