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Accord PC

Player: Jamie Roy
Creature Type: Uratha
Division: Quicksilver Knights
City: Henderson, KY
VST: VST Dale Case

Character Information

Name: Mark Rodgers

Deed Name: Evenfury

Creature Type: Uratha

Faction: Forsaken

Lodge: Lodge of Night

Physical Traits: Mark "Everfury" Rodgers is 6' tall with long dirty-blonde hair pulled into a ponytail with multiple hair ties and, dark goatee, and a healthy two-day stubble. He's of average appearance and doesn't give off a lot of the ominous feelings to the others in the room, though you can still tell he's a dangerous man (Presence 2, no Striking Looks or other Merits, Primal Urge 5). He seems to be in his forties, but those that know werewolf physiology know that he is likely in his 70s. He's heavily muscled (Strength 5) with extensive tattoos and scarring, with most tattoos being tribal in nature. Those that can tell will know that many of the tattoos and scars are actually Fetishes. Typically, he's wearing jeans with a black tank top, heavy leather motorcycle boots with chains, a bandanna, sunglasses (in the light) just after he gets off of his motorcycle, though they come off shortly after he goes inside of a building. At first he's wearing a vest with the distinctive Quicksilver Knights logo and name patched on the back, and a President patch and a "Original Headhunters" patch on the front. There are several other patches, including many US military patches. In short, he's very much the image of a stereotypical biker.

He is often carrying a a compound bow and quiver, and clearly the bow is infused with magic and a spirit to those that can see it. He often wears stylized armor that is likewise infused with magic and a spirit.

He rides a highly customized motorcycle, complete with saddlebags and other standard accoutrements.

He is followed by a spirit in Twilight, though it is a bit different from the animalistic spirits often encountered as familiars. This spirit very closely resembles the motorcycle that he rides.

Personality Traits Mark knows he's an impressive physical specimen, even if he's not all that attractive, and often tries to play that up to the ladies. It often backfires on him, but that doesn't seem to dissuade him at all. He's obviously lascivious, looking to make a hook-up on most of his trips, though he's not downright crude about it.

As far as leading goes, he does so reluctantly. He seems more intent on making sure that the youth of any situation have a firm grasp on the leadership of any endeavor he's a part of. The only exception is the Quicksilver Knights. As a founding member, he's staunchly protective of the club and is quick to steady any situation that would seem to threaten imbalance.

By far one of his most notable psychological tics is his alcoholism. He seems to have control of it, but sometimes he can be found in a complete drunken stupor. Those investigating the matter have found the primary reason for this is the horror stories surrounding the Great Darkness and the awful circumstances by which so many of his comrades died. Lately, though, he seems to be retreating into this weakness following the death of several of his children to the phenomenon that swept the Shadow known as the "Great Cold." To those that find him in this state, he's haunted by the thought that if he had indoctrinated all of his children into the Accord, then it is likely that they would still be alive. The death of one of his longtime compatriots, Kyros, also affects him heavily.

Title or Positon: President of the Quicksilver Knights Division of the Accord

Myrmidon of the Henderson, KY Accord Cell, the Henderson Headhunters

Member of the Lodge of Night

One of the last surviving members of the Lodge of the Lost that fought the Great Darkness

Pack Mates

  • Callista Bernard, aka "Starry-Eyes": also, Mark's daughter
  • Annalee McDermott
  • James Kostos
  • Anya St. Clair: also, Mark's daughter
  • Wrestles-with-Death
  • Sees-without-Seeing
  • J.T. "Gunbunny" Robertson
  • James Noya, aka "James the Bear"
  • Harlo Newman

PC/NPC Associates

  • Plan-of-Attack: The Totem of Mark's Pack, Plan-of-Attack is typically referred to as "Lt. Dan," much to the chagrin of the spirit itself. It is a Conceptual Magath, a Hybrid spirit of Tactics and Warfare. It appears as a male military officer. Its image often changes based on its "mood", often looking like a US Army general, but sometimes looking like something altogether different (like a Native American Chieftain, a Revolutionary War officer, a German officer, etc). Being referred to by its Lt. Dan moniker often shocks it back to its seemingly American visage.
  • "Let's Go": The awakened spirit of Mark's original custom motorcycle. It is a highly customized Harley Davidson Panhead, Mark has formed a link to it as his Familiar. It follows Mark around, forcing him to work with tools or hang out near roadways for a bit of time each day. - fallen in Operation Damned Throne, the battle for New Lebanon
  • Jade Falls: Mark's "niece", though she acts more akin to an adoptive daughter


  • feel free to add your own, so long as we have PC ties or encounters in some way.


  • "Mark's a pretty knowledgeable guy. I had no idea his auspice was one of the rarer ones. I respect his insights and judgement in most situations." Ellis Kingsly
  • "You are what was good about the old world." David Shattuck
  • "Mark is a reliable agent, and a capable creature. He is one of those who quietly appears to do his work and who leads a Division with action. I am not surprised he was Marshal at Operation: Damned Throne." Lilith

OOC Information

Player: Jamie Roy

MES Number: US2004080053

Location: Henderson, KY