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Markus Anderson


Rank: Athro
Renown: 22
Honor: 6
Wisdom: 8
Glory: 6

Character Information

Name: Markus Anderson

Deed Name: Walks in Shades, Phoebe's Mirth

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Position: Gatekeeper

Renown: 6 honor, 6 glory, 8 wisdom

Domain: Sept of the Falling Jewels

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon: Gatekeeper, Eldest Ragabash

Markus Anderson

Player: Brian W
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Rank: Athro
Domain: Washington, DC
VST: Josh T.

"You'd better believe, I've got tricks up my sleeve."

- Trixie and the Illusions

Allies and Frenemies



Known to Shadow Lords

Packmates The Long Gambit


Bayou dot2.jpg Gatekeeper of Washington, DC
Bayou dot2.jpg Alpha of the Long Gambit Pack, following Crow

Notable Great Events:
Bayou dot2.jpgReclamation of the Sept of the Falling Jewels
Bayou dot2.jpgCaern Building in Brevard County, FL
Bayou dot2.jpgArmy of Darkness Battle in Roanoke, VA
Bayou dot2.jpgAssault on the Nightmaster's Citadel at Elkwater


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Innuendos, Whispers, Scandals and Catchphrases

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Silver Tongued Words

Whispers About Markus

  • "He is a devious, smarmy son of a bitch... I am glad that he is on MY side!" - Ray Fullbringer
  • "If this were some decades ago, I would suspect you were behind all of this." - Tears of Gaia, Elder Silver Fang

Talk From Markus

Whispers in the Alleys

  • Has never fallen to a frenzy.
  • His wolf form has a rather embarrassing white mark in a bad place that interferes with his otherwise perfectly black coat.
    • And this is why we have never seen him in lupus form.
  • Always seems to be looking for something that was lost.
  • He is the "Sugar Daddy" of the local Bone Gnawers.
  • Markus is something of a dandy - he refuses to run and loathes anything that messes with his clothes.
  • He has eyes that require him to walk in shades.
    • The reason why he wears shades is because he needs them to activate some of the gifts that hide him. They are actually fetishes of the Shadowlords.

Character Inspirations

Real People

Fictional Sources


Apocalypse PC

Player: Brian Ward
Character: Markus "Walks in Shades" Anderson
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Shadowlord
Camp: Lords of the Summit
Position: Gatekeeper
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Domain: Sept of the Falling Jewels
VST: VST Josh Teitelbaum

OOC Information

Player: Brian Ward

MES Number: US2002022619

Location: Washington, DC

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