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Sire: Unknown
Marnie Everly
Childer: None Currently
Grande Childer: None Currently
Great Grande Childer: None Currently

Ordo Dracul: 2
Mekhet: 2

  • 1936 Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 1944 Contracted Polio
  • 1950 Attended boarding school in Upstate New York
  • 1954 Attended Mnt. Holyoke
  • 1960 Moves to Selma, Alabama to support the Civil Rights movement
  • 1961 Post Mortem Embrace by Preacher, making her Hollow
  • 1980Joins the Ordo Dracul



A broody and unassuming librarian who has found solace in her books



Body Electric
Lana Del Rey
For what it's worth
Buffalo Springfield
In the still of the night
The Five Satins
Sea of Love
'Phil Phillips
A change is gonna come
Same Cooke

Margaret "Marnie" Everly

Margaret "Marnie" Everly.

Chapter One

Marnie was born to a good family on the Jersey Shore and had a mostly happy childhood. She loved reading and could always be found tucked away in a dark place with a book on some obscure subject, or found reading her older brother's thriller comics. She never had many friends, preferring fantasy worlds to playing with other girls her age. At fifteen she was sent to a prestigious boarding school in upstate New York and eventually went to college at Mount Holyoke.

She always supported the idea of Civil Rights for all people, something that caused frequent riffs in her family. When she told her parent's that she was moving to Alabama to help support the cause, they asked her to never return. It was there that she met Preacher, the Mekhet who'd soon become her sire. She needed a place to rent, but people were a little skeptical of renting an apartment to a girl who was there to "stir up trouble". Preacher saw that she needed a place to stay and allowed her to rent a room for him. Their time together was enjoyable- she offered platonic companionship to pull him out of the routine of the past 100 years and he offered her a friend who was like minded in a place far from home.
One night while she was walking home from the library she was pulled into a car and taken to a field and badly beaten. While she was unconscious they took her back to her house and hung her from a tree in the front yard. She wasn't found till later in the night when Preacher went hunting. He buried her in a shallow grave by the Oak tree that she read under every day and left her for a few hours before he decided that he needed companionship. After he dug her back up, he embraced her.<p> </font>

The Girl in the Window

Marnie is short with dark shoulder length hair. She wears black most of the time, wishing to fade into the background and not be noticed. She's quiet, but if you bring up local urban legends and ghost stories it will be hours before her silence returns. She has bruise marks around her neck from being hung that she covers with scarves or necklaces, but it still shows around the edges. She's pale with deep circles under her eyes that contrasts with the dark red lipstick she puts on to hide her blue tinted lips.
She can often be found in bookstores, libraries, museums, and landmarks rumored to be haunted.

Little Black Book

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The Mill


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Marnie Everly

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Domain: Columbus GA VSS
Player: Melenie Bishop US2012080033
VST: [mailto:Not Available]

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-- played by Melenie Bishop (US2012080033),
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"