Marshal Jones

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: Gus Wilson
Storyteller: Christian Stephenson

Name: Marshal Jones

Clan: Toreador

Notable Traits: Marshal Is always seen wearing a jeweled frog pendant on his person at all times.

From corsets to mesh Marshal is never one to dress for understatement.

Often commented after meeting Marshal is the blush of health he has about him.

Status: Prominent Noble Guardian

Fleeting Favored

Coteries/Societies: TBD

Information Known by Kindred Society

Marshal has had one constant companion in the last thirteen years Joseph Phibbs. Recently Marshal has made his home in the Domain of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he is Primogen of Clan Toreador. Recently Joseph and Marshal have opened a new Burlesque Club in the city of Gulfport right off the beach named Prohibition. Known as the Karaoke King of the Coast Marshal has made a name for himself in Kine Society and is quickly becoming one of the coast most talked about local celebrities.


  • I heard he was a spy for a group called the Ivory Patriots, but who exactly does he answer to?
  • I heard he's been seen on the yacht of Carmina Giovanni more than once... makes you wonder if he is truly that devoted to the Camarilla
  • I heard he was quite the little whore when he was a kine - bet he's still for sale.
  • A Powerful Elder has adopted him as their own child. Not as a Sire to a Childe, but as a Parent to a Son


  • "Its easy for kindred to dismiss Marshal as just another neonate in a corset, but for those who actually take the time to get to know him they see his art isnt the singing he is so noted for instead it is the skillful way in which he plays a room. It takes a skilled eye to know which side of a topic Marshal truly agrees with.-Joseph Phibbs
  • "Marshal Jones? You ask me as if you already know my answer, as if you already know this Toreador. You don't. Only what you see, or hear whispered, or gain in your five minutes of watching while you wait for someone of far lesser importance than he to pay attention to you and your mindless quibbling about your life's story. But you don't know, you don't see. He's surrounded in ignorance, but unaffected. And he knows it. But please...continue to ignore him, or presume to understand. It's funny now, and will be hysterical later when he proves you inept and stupid publicly. And he will. And he will emerge victorious, and I will laugh...and you will weep in utter confusion of what just happened." - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "I want to crack open his skull like lobster tail, I want to stick my tongue between the folds in his brain, and lick up all the buttery juices. Kill him? Heavens no! I just want to take a sip so I can know what makes the young Toreador tick." - Lysander Kriti
  • "One of the only good reasons to visit the court of the Gulf Coast is the affable Mr. Jones - he rarely denies me the attention I require, and is as reliable as he is passionate." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "There is a beauty and perfection in his physical form that makes my heart ache and yearn to achieve a greater state of humanity. There is a strength and purity in his countenance that makes my hand yearn to pen his invitation into the Ivory Patriots." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "He is a true gentleman that knows how to treat a lady. I always look forward to our conversations, and he is simply a delight to be around. Our court shines brighter with him in it." - Julia Hamby
  • "Clan Toreador. If im not Mistaken they are also called Degenerates. I think thats funny it almost sounds like Deragements. I agree that Clan toreador is a bit Deranged I mean Take Marshal for instance if you did that much running around and dancing and trying to remember all the status's that one person has, you would gain a derangement too. Thats why i carry a notebook and Marshal has his sharp tongue." Zarad Smith
  • '"Mr. Marshal shows me respect and kindness. Up to that point I did not think those in our existence knew how to treat my kind expect disdain and avoidance. He is a shining example of humanity and equality, I do hope that age and experience does not cause these traits to wane. It will be a sad day indeed"' Niles Davros
  • '"On the day that the good Marshall Jones recalls that Roses are known for their thorns as well as their beauty, the heavens shall have cause to tremble"' Nezaire Morneault
  • "Burn, Silver Rose....engulf the world about you because, honestly, it's the only way most of them will learn." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • '"His voice drips with honey and hemlock; delicious... and dangerous. I like that."' Cosette St. Marie
  • "How might one conform to the stereotype of a Toreador? Perhaps by being the center of attention, by performing, and by being seen as to enjoy the carnal and sinful mortal pleasures. That would be one way..." -Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "I understand Edward goes on a bit about the carnal a bit much, but truly, speaking with Marshal was one of the most pleasant conversations I have had in centuries, and I would truly like to have him in Houston for a time if nothing else, but to show him around the museums and galleries of Houston, and return the gift of such a pleasant conversation." Orelia Taipetra
  • "Marshal Jones? I hear how wonderful his Elder friends are and how much of a son he is to his father Prince Taipetra is. But I have never heard a single word about him on his own merits. What a interesting harpy and toreador he's either the best ever or completely forgettable and just another poser. Time will tell sure enough."-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Harpy. We love this word. It drove the Trojans from the Strophades, With dire announcements of the coming woe. Harpies have broad wings, with razor sharp talons and a human neck and face. We could sit here all day remarking on his broad wings, his sharp talons, and of coarse his human face.." -Donna Sophia Allegra Giovanni
  • "Ok so this dumbf*ck..(sternly looked at by Marshal), what the f*ck did I say now?" Rosko


Grandsire: Alonso

Sire: Occam

Known Childer

None Marshal is often heard speaking of how much he disdains children

Character Soundtrack


I'm losing focus

'Hook - Blues Traveler'

It doesn't matter what I say
So long as I sing with inflection
That makes you feel I'll convey
Some inner truth or vast reflection

""Baby I'm a star - Prince""

"Hey, take a listen

Tell me do u like what u hear? If it don't turn u on Just say the word and I'm gone But honey I know, ain't nothing Wrong with your ears Hey, check it all out"

OOC Information

Name: Gus Wilson

MES Number: US2013050011

Location: Long Beach, MS