Martin Poplar

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Twin Cities, MN
Player: GL ARST Masq CAI
Storyteller: GL ARST Masq CAI

Sire: Andrew Chandler
Embrace: 2002
Residence: Twin Cities
Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Revered as Primogen of Clan Malkavian in Twin Cities

Notable Traits: Poplar wears thick Coke-bottle glasses. He often lacks confidence in social situations, but tends to be very knowledgeable about most subjects.

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

Poplar is a young neonate, but he is very intelligent and occasionally shows a surprising level of political savvy. He was instrumental in uncovering the scandal that led to the exile of his Sire from the Twin Cities, an event that raised him to Primogen as well as garnered favor from the Prince and Seneschal. The exact nature of his scandal has never surfaced, but most agree that it couldn't have been too disastrous, since Chandler was exiled rather than destroyed.

Known by the Harpies

At least actual encyclopedias have the good sense to be silent. Martin Poplar is good to have around when you need obscure facts and information, but aside from playing Trivial Pursuit, there's no social setting fit for the man. What a bore!

Known by the Clan Malkavian

He speaks for the clan in Twin Cities... a lot. He's also young enough that he hasn't become affiliated with a clan faction yet, which, of course, means he's ripe for recruitment.


Sire: Andrew Chandler

Note: Those looking for a lineage for their PC or NPC may speak with the GL ARST Cam/Anarch/Indep about lineage ties.


Quotes by Martin Poplar:

  • "You could go directly there as you say, I suppose, but if you went up Cherry Street instead, you could avoid the construction on Maple and save about two minutes getting there, as long as you time it right to bypass the red light in the cycle at 3rd Street. Luckily, that's a timed light, so if you leave during the right 60-second window, you'll be able to blow right through on the stale green, which will help you, because you need to make a left turn there and it never works out to get through on the protected left because the cross-traffic always backs up in the intersection so that you don't get to go when the light says it's your turn. I wrote a letter to the Minnesota Department of Transportation about the problem last year, actually. I got a very polite - though vacuous - reply from a manager over there who, it turns out, is the brother of a chemist at UMN. I'm very interested in chemistry, actually..."

Quotes about Martin Poplar:


  • Martin Poplar gathers facts not for their own sakes, but so he can use them as a distraction from the truths around him.
  • Poplar has been trying for years to get adopted by Clan Nosferatu and is baffled why his knowledge doesn't seem to endear him to them.
  • There's not a subject that Poplar doesn't know at least something about.
  • If you want access to University or Health records, you have to go through Martin Poplar.
  • Don't be fooled by his "nerdy" appearance. Martin Poplar is a sinister, evil man, and there are no depths he won't stoop to to get what he wants.

OOC Information

This character is an NPC run by to the GL ARST Masq CAI. All OOC questions about this NPC and IC correspondence directed to the NPC should be directed to the GL ARST Masq CAI.