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Character Information

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Waterborn/Airtouched

Mantle: Dawn 5

Entitlement: The Legion

Friends and Foes

Cordelia, his Monarch and confidant (and maybe more?).

Doug, a war buddy. They swap stories, and reminisce. Occasionally, they also find new wars.

Devil, Autumn at its finest.

Cilia, Dusk Courtier and legendary Squire. Martin seems to have appointed himself her conscience.

Jack Heart, a delightful and engrossing East Courtier. Exotic and sexy, and his favorite Directional by far.

Draco, the man who gave Martin the gift of good booze.

Jack Daniels, brother, buddy, badass. You make the best friends in the Legion.

Asma, a breathtaking Dawn Courtier. Martin's clearly a fan.

Nina, His wife.

DJ Radix, party healer, party planner, party central.


Martin's answer to any problem: Blow up the city block the problem is in. Done.
-Well, yeah. How do you deal with things?

"Good guy, a bit rough and fast with the sword, but still good overall, I just wish he'd taken another second or two before flambeing the room, I almost had them on our side" - Ambrose Crom Cruach
-Not my fault. You should've talked faster.

"Martin is the one person I know without question I can count on in this entire world. I have faith in him and him alone." - SantaAna
-It would appear someone's cutting onions in my apartment.

"The Longest Night made a decision, they decided that their own lust for power and glamour was more important than the lives of innocent people. They will die for that choice."

"Worst Winter courtier ever and one day I'm gonna hafta knock him on his ass. But there are worse people to have next to you in a fight." - Shelly
I resent that! I'm only the second worst Winter Courtier ever.

"Mister Weir is quite frightening, but to me has been quite the gentleman, and seems to be altogether noble in his intentions. I am pleased that he lives so near."-Aubrey Dodgson
Frightening? Nah, I'm a big teddy bear. A big teddy bear who shoots fireballs.

"He stabbed me a couple of times. I guess that counts as friendship?"-John Vimes
Beats hearing about Harry Potter for the TRILLIONTH. FUCKING. TIME.

"I like that fire dance you do. The vamps don't like it much, which makes me like it all the more." - Tevye
I like that creepy Arcadia-looking thing you have going on. Well, no I don't, but I like having it on my team.

"I remember when he showed up to the our unit he was this fresh faced Knight Leftenant. I tried to not like him...we had many issues with loosing good officers to a sniper, supplies missing from a possible mole, low morale and I couldn't find my glasses. I offhandedly mentioned this and how "I don't care how it's done" and suddenly we have the enemy sniper in shackles, our mole was found, a troupe of rather friendly Cluricauns came to entertain the troops and my glasses were found. There was...umm..."costs" involved but honestly I don't want to know how Martin does it. He is a magician of sorts you see. I am just glad he is on our side." -Doug Hund
"I admit, I had nothing to do with the Cluricauns. They won't speak to me after... the incident."

"Martin. Haha, ahh, Martin. I find him delightful, entertaining, suave, attractive, a bit harsh, and quite intimidating. I'm still piecing that all together." - Elise Fairview
"Uh... Thanks.... Full disclosure; Spring Courtiers fucking terrify me."

" There are many parts of me that know he is wrong. Most of them don't care. And six...they just find it funny." - Ammon Lu
"Hey! This about the guy who gave you dating advice?"

"He's been one of my closest friends for a long time. He's fucking terrifying at his best, and I don't think people live to see him at his worst." -Cordelia Cane

"If Martin has a game plan he's gonna go by it, you can count on that. He's generally got the right idea on who to put in the cross-hairs though! On the one had I wish he'd listen more, on the other hand it's good to know someone's willing to act." -DJ Radix

"Once, if the entire field of battle suddenly exploded into storm and fire as everything went to shit and the ground started falling apart around you, it meant that They had showed up. Now it means Martin decided that I was taking too long." - John Vimes


1906 - Born in Chicago, the child of a Soldier in the Chicago Outfit.

1922 - Joined the Chicago Outfit as an enforcer.

1925 - Promoted to become Paul Ricca's personal hit-man, considered by modern historians to have been one of the most violent and dangerous men in Ricca's employment.

1929 - Acted as bodyguard for Ricca and Capone at the Atlantic City Conference. After Capone got into a fight with Enoch "Nucky" Johnson, Martin spent the afternoon and evening murdering Johnson's guards; one by one. By the following morning, Capone received a formal apology, and Martin was promoted yet again; becoming the only non-Italian with access to Family's entire inner circle.

1939 - After nearly two decades fighting, and killing, for the family, Martin was one of the most (in)famous men in Chicago. He had reserved tables at all the best restaurants, access to the best booze, and (most importantly) leadership over the Outfit's enforcers. One evening, he found himself invited to a party with a new up-and-coming singer by the name of Frank Sinatra. The party ran late, and Martin went staggering toward home in the early hours of the morning. He was never seen again.

Early 1940's - The Chicago Underworld seethed at the disappearance of one of its most prominent members. No one was taking credit for his disappearance, and no one came forward with information. The Outfit hunted every gin-joint and every alley they could find, trying to locate their missing compatriot, but no trace was found.

1945 - Martin Weir is officially declared deceased. Searches stop, and the Underworld moves on. Some believe he was murdered in secret by the Irish, some think the Family killed him over a secret squabble, still others think he's in an early retirement; soaking up the sun on some tropical beach. There are even those who claim he turned rat and went into witness protection. (Though they say it quietly, Martin's friends are quick to silence such rumors - violently.)

(This information is fairly publicly known about Martin today. Anyone who bothers to ask around can find this without trouble.)

1950 - Left the Hedge and began travelling the country.

1950-2000 - Available for ties

2000 - Acting on information from some friends in the area, made his way to Green Bay to fight the Loyalists.

2006 - Arrived in Annapolis, though his privacy and solitude meant that almost none of the locals knew he lived in the city.

2010-2014 - Lord Loss' reign, Martin was almost never seen or heard from during this period.

December 2014 - Fought in the Freehold rebellion to overthrow Lord Loss.

January 2015 - At the Winter Market, joined a force to capture and destroy a Hollow owned by the Longest Night Motley.

March 2015 - Began the process of joining the Legion of the Iron Wall. Acted as security for the Spring Revel. During the Revel, something happened between he, Becky, and Ash. Whatever it was, he isn't talking. He refuses to even acknowledge any questions on the subject.

March 2015 - Saw his friends sacrifice themselves to stop a Loyalist from reforming the Architect in Puerto Rico. The Battle of Scorched Earth

April 2015 - Accompanied by changelings from several Freeholds, fought the Privateer known as Red to bring back Sahara and Aleksandra.

April 2015 - Assisted DJ Radix, Spring Monarch of Lexington, KY. in the defeat and destruction of an Actor and its army. The Execution of the Rat King.

June 2015 - Traveled to Egypt in order to prevent the Longest Night Motley from opening The Tower. After several heated battles by Changelings from all over the world, the Longest Night was stymied. In the process, Martin gained a Token: a necklace in the shape of an Ankh.

June 2015 - After an unusually short period of observation, received and accepted the invitation to formally join the Legion of the Iron Wall.

June 2015 - Declared war on the Longest Night Motley.

July 2015 - At the Roanoke gathering, fought against a force of Vampires, Lost, and a Mage. Became friends with a pair of Mages and threatened an entire Covenant of Vampires.

September 2015 - Joined the Dawn Court

December 2015 - Married Nina SantaAna



-Black hair fading to grey
-Pale skin.
-Vivid blue eyes
-Typically wears a pair of slacks and a button-down shirt with a vest.


-Nearly identical to his Mask, but sculpted entirely of colored water.
-His hands are covered in what appears to be fresh blood, his clothes and skin are stained a reddish-brown.
-Something about him seems... dangerous. No matter what he's doing, it looks as though he's about to fight to the death.

Notable Traits

Martin is, in general, tight-lipped. He tends to speak very little to strangers (Unless those strangers are pretty women). Even when he does engage in conversation, questions about himself are always met with jokes or evasions. He self-describes as a drunkard and a wastrel, and prefers that questions stop there. He tends to be somewhat aggressive, and his ability to back up his words with violence has needed to be proven more than once.


He's a murderer for hire.

He was one of *The Unseen

He's the best housebreaker alive.

No one knows how old he actually is, but it's definitely older than he looks.

He's a psychopath who gets into police standoffs twice a week.

There was a famous Chicago Mobster (Fame 2: Organized Crime) by the name of Martin Weir. He knocked over stores for Ricca, and broke knees for Capone. FBI agents had his picture on their dartboards, and if mobsters had trading cards, his would've been in the spokes of half the bikes in the Midwest. But that was a hundred years ago now, no way it's the same guy. Right?

He's made so many deals with the Devil he has a timeshare in hell.

A message has been making its way throughout the Underworld. Impossibly, it claims that a message has been sent from a man believed dead for half a century:
Martin Weir is back, and anyone between him and his target is a corpse.

I heard he could make himself disappear, or pretty much anyone else you need!

Player: Joseph Perry

MES Number: US2013100206

Location: Annapolis, MD