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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas, TX
Player: David D
Storyteller: Dallas VST


", sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet." -- Robert E. Howard, The Phoenix on the Sword

Character Information

The Basics
Name: Marus, the Maker
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla

Kalaban, Woodward, the Breaker, the Brute

Ammarah and Marus at Dr. Crowe's Asylum

Accepted (Camarilla) - Acknowledged
Social Class (Elder) - Confirmed, Established, and Privileged
Fleeting -

  • Courageous (Who: Prince Marcellius Adams; Where: Dallas, TX; How & Why: Assisting the Praxis of Dallas in defeating remnants of the Sabbat)
  • Loyal (Who: Archon Steiner; Where: Tulsa, OK; How & Why: Assisting the Archon in his sworn duties)
  • Praised (Who: N/A; Where: Austin, TX; How & Why: Insulting a Disgraced individual)
  • Triumphant (Who: N/A; Where: Houston, TX; How & Why: Killing a Bloodhunted criminal)

Notable Traits:
Speaks with a light Slavic accent. Long black hair. Wears an armored, leather combat-trenchcoat and gloves. Leather bandanna covering the bottom half of his face.

Title or Position:


Marus Public Timeline
Ties are available previous to 1714. This timeline is considered to be OOC knowledge unless otherwise discovered IC.


  • Marus has iron teeth. Supposedly he inherited them from his great-grandmother.
  • He is part of some mysterious globe-spanning organization.
  • This isn't the real Marus, the original vampire was killed long ago, and this is just an imposter.
  • He once defeated a Brujah Justicar in hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Thought Police accused him of infernalism.
  • He was once in a coterie of infernalist hunters long ago... under a different name.


  • "Блять цього ублюдка! Now he's gone and made me mad..." -- Marus
  • "In all our years together, he has taught me that strength is not simply defined in terms of brawn or power. Marus has weathered many hardships and has never surrendered. That, I believe, is the definition of true strength." -- Ammarah
  • "I recall the very first day I saw Marus. I recall his boldness. We were unable to speak to one another, not sharing a common language at the time. Our sire brought us together in the streets of Kiev and set us loose to see what we would make of ourselves. Before sunrise we had dined on drunken whores, evaded the local constabulary and stolen the church silver. Even now after all these centuries it is still Marus who can drag me from my hearth and out into the world." -- Mazhar
  • "When I first met him I drew a card for him. He thought I should have shown him the Ace of Spades but there is more fire in his countenance than air." -- The Gambler
  • "We have sailed many leagues together through the darkness and adversity. His blood is his to keep unto eternity." -- Achilles HellgateIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "Death does not stomp about the world wreaking havoc on the landscape and screaming its defiance. Rather, it stalks about quietly in boots of black leather and visits a pale chill to all with the hoarse tenor of whispered tones." -- Johnston Ramsey (JR) ForbesIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "He Makes things. And no doubt he can Unmake them even better. He knows his craft forwards and backwards. So stay at his sides at all time, My Friends." -- Nenette
  • "I am the light to his dark. He is the sour to my sweet." -- Clémence deMontes
  • "Any night I have spent with Marus proves interesting. And yes, I mean my usage of the word." -- Valerius Giovanni
  • "He is my brother, though we do not share a sire or parent." -- Alex Shelly
  • "Much like myself, he puts in work. Much like myself, he chooses his allies wisely. If he shares my views on the traditions, then he may either be a staunch ally, or a dangerous enemy." -- TamberlandIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "I like him. Straight to the point. Knows how to have a little fun. And packs a pretty decent punch." -- Lorenzo AlfieriIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "Where the other Makers are there you will find Marus. Supporting, protecting and still open to learning. A worthy goal to achieve at his age." - Penny Dreadful
  • "There is a balance between architects and engineers that is said to be mythical. Having witnessed one who has achieved this balance, I now know what footsteps I need to follow." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "He stood amid settling ash and spilled blood. What a great and terrifying image did fill my mind at that moment. One I will always be happy to behold." - Darjius AnakletosIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "'Creatures of old, it is told, would search until they tired. Not for gold, cheap when sold, but what they sought was fire. Them today, one could say, have a very different aim. In places deep do they seek to find it for their gain.' This tale always reminds me of him." - Dylan R Lancaster
  • "I met him a few months ago in San Antonio, I like his sense of humor, I think he and I are going to get along well." - Enzo Putanesca
  • "Marus is a rock that makes other rocks look soft. I'm only hoping he didn't see me sweat." - Archon Angus Hudson
  • "Marus has mastered some unique trick of the Mask. From a distance, his expression is a scowl, but up close, he is always smirking." - Claire

  • "If you're not in the know, you're in the dark." -- Marus
  • "My favorite thing about this kindred is his excellent poise under pressure. Seldom when I have stated to another that I desire to keep the peace with the might of the Clan behind me has someone ever been grateful for not having to hurt so many of us. Some say he seems of violent disposition. I think he is just passionate about his beliefs. In truth I wish I had embraced him first." -- Malachi Anicetus
  • "I've only just met him but I can tell he is a being built of conviction and strength. Show him proper respect or face the consequences." -- Angelo
  • "Turns out, Marus is actually a decent person. Still wouldn't walk into a room alone with him." -- Flynn
  • "As a lesser Harpy, it is my job to observe and find things others do not see. Sheriff Marus is rarely seen but when he is, it is a devastating appearance. Qualities appreciated in both a Sheriff and a Nosferatu." -- Chloe PavlisIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "I've seen how other kindred react to his presence, and it makes me glad I was not embraced by any other clan." -- Mason Dempsey
  • "Many fear the fists of Marus, the Power of the Makers, but I know better. His glare shall dissolve your will long before his fists break you." -- John KetwickIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "Marus must spend a fortune to keep that leather suit in shape after so many excursions to and from his haven. Still, his profession - and his fellow Makers' - brings a sense of comraderie when it comes to expanding the Underground - when your body is set to digging, the mind has much time to wander. Marus has a lot of time for introspection and time to figure things out - I wonder what he knows..." -- SwaggerIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "Few Elders exist among the Camarilla that you know are Elders at a glance. Marus is on the list of them." -- Speranza
  • "My Brother. My Redeemer. A man of many strengths. His fist is strong but pales in comparison to his heart. My debt to him transcends boons." -- Citadel
  • "He punched me! He punched me right in the mouth! I got punched by Marus!" -- Kasserine Powell
  • "When Marus and the Makers agreed to host the Clan Head election in Houston, it was simply another political event. When the ceremonies concluded however, under his guidance it had become the measure by which Ivory Hostings, and indeed other Clan's elections, would be judged for years to come." - Goodman Goring
  • "Though I spoke to him not and he said very little over all, Marus is the one Elder I know would be the first to give advice if asked. He just has that air about him. Though he also radiates strength, so I would not ask him a foolish question or you may find out just how tough he is." - Jared GoodmanIcon RIPWreath.png
  • "So that sort of makes him my Uncle..." - Fidelity
  • "I like him, what else is there to say? I need to get a drink with 'im sometime and get some of those stories about him wrecking some fucking shop." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "There's something in his eyes and the way he smiles that just oozes a kind of impatient sincerity; like a cat that enjoys letting a mouse it caught squirm while longing to devouring it. I think we could get along.." - Lexi von Jaeger
  • "You have no idea how glad I am to find out that he isn't an Infernalist. Seriously, for a minute I thought I was proper fucked. And not in a particularly pleasing way." - William Calloway


Member of

The Makers
Society of Steel

Character Inspiration

  • Conan the Barbarian
  • The Hulk
  • Heracles
  • Auron, Final Fantasy X

OOC Information

--- “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” ― Tom Waits ---

"Freelance Fiend" Leaf Hound
"Falling Off the Edge of the World" Black Sabbath
"The Shed (Subtle)" Rainbow

"I've Been Around too Long" Marmalade
"Born Under a Bad Sign" Cream
"Iron Fist" Motörhead

Player: David D.

MES Number: US2002056136