Mary Vasquez

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Character Information
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters
Cunning: ••••
Glory: ••
Honor: ••
City: Puerto Rico
Player: April Douglas
Storyteller: Colin Douglas
Mary 4.jpg

Real Name: Mary Prudence Vasquez

Deed Name: Slayer of Lust

Pack: Hunter's Strike

Position: Baby

Age: 18

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks 4
  • Seductive Grace
  • Fame 1 - Dating Dominic Powers, local playboy businessman
  • Mary is a 5-foot-nothing ball of energy. She is young and vibrant and sassy. She has a bit of a temper, but she is generally laid back and cheerful and always far too bouncy.
  • Expecting her first child

Backstory and Personality

Mary is a modern day Princess. She's the only child to Julio and Margareta Vasquez. Her father is a wealthy businessman in Puerto Rico, and May never wanted for anything as a child. Unfortunately, this means that she's a bit spoiled and tends to have a bit of a superiority complex. She deserves to have things, just by virtue of being who she is.


  • Mary's first shift was the result of a crazy orgy in the woods combined with too much booze and a sacrificial goat

Pack and Family

Mary 3.jpg

OOC information

Player Name: April Douglas

Location: Missoula, MT