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"Me? I'm an 'acquisitions' specialist. You have something that needs acquiring? I'm your guy."



Name: Mason Dempsey
Clan: Nosferatu
Embraced: 20th of February, 1937
Sire: Jeremy Stacks, 10th Generation Nosferatu (d. 1965).

Notable Traits:

- Long, multi-jointed wings take the place of his arms.
- Blackened veins pump putrid blood throughout his body. Mildewed flesh follows these veins.
- Patient in almost all situations.
- Rarely speaks or engages in small talk, but makes an effort to be polite, if a bit cynical.


Accepted - Committed - Accepted as an Anarch of Waterloo by the Advocate, Jackson Flynn
Abiding - Enforcer, Warrant - Declared Constable by communal vote of the Anarchs of Waterloo.
Fleeting - Loyal - Answered The Call in the Battle of Austin.



- Though he is an Anarch, Mason has no qualms accepting jobs from Camarilla or Independent kindred so long as the price is right.
- The wings have gotten to his head. Mason fancies himself to be the next "Batman."
- Speculation abounds as to whether Mason set up his sire's death to take over his contacts. If the Nosferatu know the truth, they aren't talking.
- The famous comic book character "Batman" is said to be based on him.
- Word is he went missing and even the Anarchs and Nos don't know where he is...
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- "He seems to have a mercenary heart. Good." - Elder Kendrick Seamus O'Shea, Toreador Primogen in the Domain of Waterloo
- "That poor, poor creature..." - Chloe Pavlis
- "Mark my words, one day those anarchs' number is gonna come up. Hopefully Mason knows where to go when he needs a safe place to hide. He has more family than just the Movement." - Marus
- "With a name like Mason, at first I believed him to be a stoneworker, but it turns out he is more of a... treasure hunter. If one is not going to build with stone, I suppose there is no harm in building wealth!" - Ammarah
- "Who the fuck is Mason Dempsey?" - Angelo
- "I know right..." - Tamberland
- "Mason is a precious commodity. You will see him when he is needed most." - Miss Maggie
- "You'll never see him coming. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have our backs." - Harper Gray
- "Oh I like him! I really do. He's so young and fresh and SMART! I love the smart ones. Red Rover, Red Rover send Mason on over, please!" - - Nenette
- "I know who the fuck Mason Dempsey is." - Daphne Rose
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Player: Andrew G.
MES Number: US2014030035


Garret - "Thief" Series
- What is locked - can be opened. What is hidden - can be found. What is yours - can be mine.
Parker - Leverage
- Never plan a heist in a building with so many windows.


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