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Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
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City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Mark Mielewczyk
Storyteller: [mailto:]

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Sabbat

Generation: 8th

Notable Traits:

Status: Initiated into the Sword of Caine; Loyal as a Lasombra; Enlightened by Path

Born: October 2, 1893

Embraced: October 30, 1918

Real Name: Mason may remember, but he isn't telling



Character Description

Mason is about six feet tall, broadly built, with bright blue eyes, thick, stringy dirty blonde hair and a long unkempt beard. He usually wears a beach shirt, casual pants and a dark or red fedora.

What You Think You Know About Mason

  • He is a prophet, a visionary and a spiritual leader
  • He wants to remind the world that monsters do, in fact, exist.
  • He is concerned with ensuring that the Sabbat remember that they are monsters and the mortals and the Camarilla are sheep.


  • October 2, 1893 - Born in a small house in the swamps of Louisiana during Great October Storm. His family believes the birth is a bad omen and they initially consider abandoning the child in the swamp before reconsidering. His upbringing is still rough, and he endures all kind of cruelty.
  • 1905 - Contracted Yellow Fever during the last known epidemic in the United States. Unlike many others afflicted, he survives, though the epidemic combined with the timing of his birth reinforce in his twisted family's mind that he is a harbinger of bad things to come.
  • October 30, 1918 - Embraced during The Great Pandemic / Influenza Epidemic after contracting the disease himself.
  • 1940s - Leaves Louisiana and moves to the swamps of Puerto Rico for reasons known only to him.

Mason's Words of Wisdom (Quotes)

What Other's Have to Say

The Flock (Followers, Friends, Allies, Associates & The Rest)

Whispers From The Dark {Rumours)



OOC Information

Player: Mark Mielewczyk CA200403015

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada