Matthias Archibald

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Matthias Archibald
Path: Proximi
Order: Silver Ladder ••
Player: User:Jim Y. US2012080087
City: Charleston SC Awakening
ST: User:Mike T. US2014020063[1]

This is NOT an Accord PC.

New to the Charleston area, Matthias (or Matt for short) is a self-styled "Sorcerer", insisting that it is completely different from being a "Mage". He goes out of his way to keep others from generating paradox while making sure any breaches are handled quickly and efficiently. Curator at the Charleston Natural History Museum out of boredom he is really the current heir to the Archibald family and the strongest sorcerer born to them in three generations. Makes it no secret that he feels the Willworkers he comports with are ruining the world with excessive paradox generation. Despite his complaining, he is still the one they turn to when they need patching up from the rigors of paradox or to provide them with breaking news. He just makes sure they've gotten an earful by the time he's done.

Noteable traits:
Matt is usually seen with a popped collar Ralph Lauren Polo shirt of some color (invariably as tight as he can get), an orange baseball cap worn backwards, and at least one can of "natty light". Relatively powerful looking and somewhat tall, Matt cuts a striking figure, but isn't who you'd expect in academia.






"Do you even lift?"