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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Andrew Ketrow
Character: Max Walensk
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
Status: Committed, Connected
Domain: Indianapolis, IN
VST: James Murphy

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
City: Indianapolis, IN
Player: Andrew Ketrow
Storyteller: James Murphy

Character Information

Name: Max Walensk

Clan: Malkavian

Committed and Connected.

Notable Traits:
Cheerfully insolent!

Title or Position:
None for me, thanks!

"Why the hell do you want to know? So you can dig up dirt on me? So you can find ways to hurt me? People I should care about?"
"Okay, fine. I fucked up once. I was desperate and needed work and agreed to a job that was way too good to be true, and it fucking killed me, because that's what elders do to mortals- they murder them. Suddenly I'm shacked up with my murderer, and it expects me to be its slave forever just because it murdered me, like it's the fucking Zodiac Killer or some shit. I said fuck no and blew that scene as soon as I could, but then I was lost and alone, barely knowing how to get by in the state I was in."

"That's when I met Roy Vanhook. He picked me up out of the gutter and showed me how to get by as a vampire, and introduced me to other people who helped me figure out how to never bow my head to my sire or any other cape that thinks one night of seniority entitles them to an eternity of service, people like Helene and The Rev. We're the Laughing Bastards, and fuck anybody who tries to tell us what to do."


  • Max is a total coward who'll run from a fight whenever possible.
  • Max maintains multiple residences across multiple cities, including some that Anarchs really, really shouldn't be seen in.
  • Max hates most members of his clan for being "broken".


  • "I fucking KNEW it!"
  • "I didn't come back from the fucking dead to be a slave to something that doesn't even remember what pissing feels like!"
  • "I call him lots of names, 'chock-full-o-nuts, crazy, etc." Truth told, he isn't actually crazy. It's a special kind of rebellion to say to your clan's curse "suck it!" - Vanhook
  • "I change my mind, he finally snapped." - Vanhook, after hearing Max describe witnessing thaumaturgy.
  • "There's no doubt about Max. He's as crazy as every other Malkavian. But his paranoia's right twice a day, so I keep him around for those times." -Rev
  • "Hey Max. The government knows about vampires, and they put tracking devices in the blood you drink." -Rev, screwing with Max
  • "Max may be insane, and he may be a coward, but he knows technology. And that's valuable to people like me and Rev, who don't use that." Helene


  • Anti-Flag - "Got the Numbers" - "We don't need more time to talk over a solution. We know what we need, we need a fucking revolution!"
  • Bauhaus - "The Sanity Assassin" - "He whispers in your ear: was it nothing that you said? He's walking in your sleep now. He keeps your fat paranoia well-fed!"
  • Crass - "Dry Weather" - "Oh yes, that is yours and this is mine - as long as that balances out, that's fine. I don't define the terms of the oppression. Do you awake to that dull and grey depression?"
  • Santa Hates You - "Independence" - "We won't let you sleep if you won't let us dream!"
  • ¡TchKung! - "Smash Things Up" - "You stick to your story, you never confess, you never turn in a friend!"

OOC Information

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Player: Andrew Ketrow

MES Number: US2005096599

Location: Indianapolis, IN