Maximillion Stanfield

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"How come that blood on your own coat sleeve!
Little son, pray come tell me."

Maximillion "Vino" Stanfield of Clan Malkavian

Sire: Arthur Stanford
Born: 1937
Embraced: 1970
Title or Position: None presently
Status: [1] Acknowledged in Colorado Springs

Known or Suspected Information

The Coronati Lineage


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: William Adams
Storyteller: Mykle McGovern
  • He always has an ace up his... no that is some keys, now did that get there?
  • Hates when things will NOT STAY DEAD!!
  • He is always looking for new things to sell and get for a price.
  • He has found ways of making battle hardened vampires scream out in pain and is finding creative ways to cut off the ever popular "F*@k you!" in to "FU-AAAHH!" when he has time to play.


  • Is said to keep the ash's of those he has killed to keep an eye on them.
  • Some say the black forest fire was caused by him from a deer he killed and set on fire to make sure the job was done.
  • Some say he records all the scream of people and kind he has killed and remixes them into brony songs to brain wash people... with kindness!
  • That he has perfected the art of ling chi (Death of a thousand cuts) but says 984 is the closes he ever got.


  • "Black hats. An interesting choice, and telling of our nature, I think." - James Norman Masters
  • "Over kill...? No such thing." - Max
  • "You should see how Mr. Stanfield dresses for Elysium - head to toe in weapons and ammunition. Deterrents are all well and good, but one can't help wondering what he's trying to prove." - Robert Quorwynne, Ventrue Primogen
  • "Maximillion is the perfect tool: efficient, easy to use, and effective. You must be careful though: whether swatting a fly or clearing out a pack of moon beasts, he will use the same amount of explosives." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs
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OOC Information

Sound track

Watch them here -> [[1]]

Ready To Die - Andrew WK

Were Comin to Kill Ya- Zachariah & the Lobos Riders

Noir sound track - Canta Per Me

Aqua - Happy Boys and Girls

Garbage - Cherry lips

Carmell - Caramelldansen

Celldweller - The Last Firstborn

College - A Real Hero (MegaMan & Panic City remix)

Crypt keeper - Deck The Halls With Parts Of Charlie

Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

Dubstep Dishwasher

Fifth Element - Techno Opera

Higurashi- Dear You.

MELL - Red Fraction remix


Panty and Stocking OST - Beverly Hills Cock

Pendulum - Propane Nightmares [Celldweller remix]


ROCK SUGAR-Don't Stop The Sandman



Roberta - Black Lagoon

S.I.D.6.7 - Virtuosity

Frank Castle - Punisher

The Doctor - Doctor who

Caboose - red vs. blue

Clare - Baccano

Balalaika (Vladilena) - Black Lagoon

Player: William Adams
MES Number: US2013080089
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Domain: CO-015-D Dead Man's Gambit: Gold, Guns, and God