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Scholar. Noble. Gentleman.


Loyal per Elder Primogen Alexander Konrad
Favored per Elder Cartwright of Roanoke
Loyal per Primogen Virgil Maxwell
Loyal per Archon Orsini
Courteous per Prince Dravon Von Jaeger of New Orleans


House Constantinian


Grandsire: Epirus
Sire: Adrienne Maxwell
Maxwell Jacobs
Childer: Unknown




When some see learning, he saw an opportunity. Not to become educated and grow, but to get away. It was the same in any age, the same many times over: son born of wealth wants nothing regarding knowing the business, but certainly all of the benefits that come with it. Emanuel was no exception. In this case it was 1325, and the place was Salamanca, Spain.

His story before was very subtle, and very outrageous. He’d always been a rabble rouser, knowing exactly what his father’s money brought him. He was always a charmer, having the eye of any girl he wanted. This continued on through his younger years, and after he’d been sent off to learn finance at the University. Though he did learn numbers, most of his time was spent learning the finer arts of persuasion.

All of this came to a close when he met his “aunt” Adrianne, having been called back home to help take care of his father, who was suffering from a wasting illness, one that was hereditary in his family. Soon after this it was requested that he travel with his Aunt Adrianne back to Jerusalem for business. Soon after this he found the truth, that his Aunt was far older and far more than she appeared. After a 50 year retainership, and a competition with another soon to be broodmate, he was finally embraced.

He travelled after this, some with his sire and some without, paying attention the art of court affairs, but mostly tracking down his own brand of learning, whether it be religion, occult, or even that of other supernaturals. He finally decided to embrace one of his own ghouls in 1650s Spain. This did not turn out well, however, for she was killed during a Sabbat attack, prior to her release. Maxwell felt responsible, and in his grief voluntarily went into torpor.

After awaking in the late 1800s he decided to head to the new world, a new place to explore and exploit. Eventually his travels found him in Reno. After some time between San Francisco, Atlanta, and New Orleans, and again in Atlanta. He currently resides in the domain of Elder Prince Lucien, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through various difficulties, he appears to be a changed, more benevolent man. Has he found religion?


  • Appearance: Brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a quick smile when it pleases him. Average height, prefers to wear slacks, a suit vest, and a tie in public.
  • Notable Traits: Charming, well spoken, polite yet genial. He has all the wit and grace of one you would expect to see at court, though he rarely attends. He also exudes a palpable aura of 'serenity'
  • Demeanor: Carefree. Maxwell is rarely found without drink in hand, and often flirting with someone that would look good on his arm.
  • Habits: Enjoys sharing humorous anecdotes about his life in Spain. Is often seen drinking wine or eating fine foods.

  • "Mr. Jacobs is a gentleman...I am afraid he would have no use for my company." - Orenna
  • "I can find no fault in his style or his manners. I hope you truly understand the praise I mean by that." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "I'm always happy when he comes calling. Our evenings spent together are a blessing, full of intimate conversation and constant friendship." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "All men are fools for a beautiful woman. Despite his many accomplishments, my middle childe is no different." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "His skills of perception are as sharp as his wit. He loves life, and loves to share with others. I find him to be a most amiable companion, and a great asset to the Clan of Kings." - Prince Bellamy
  • "Mr. Jacobs keeps his wits about him. His conversation is smooth and elegant, as are his tastes." - Asher
  • "During matters of business I have seen him move mountains. I am glad he is on our side." - Jeremiah Jackson
  • "My cousin, Elder Jacobs has offered me more advice and guidance over the years than I think even he realizes. It is assuring to me, knowing that I can speak to him of things as one would speak to their sire or grandsire." - Adalina Durante
  • "An efficient sort. When he sets his mind to something it gets done." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Elder Jacobs is widely known for his gentlemanly manners, his refined tastes, and particular appetites. A reputation well-deserved, I assure you. Though we take different roads in reaching out goals, our paths cross frequently...and our desires, perhaps, are much the same." - Oliver Mayne
  • "He reminds me of myself in many ways. That makes him a delight, but also dangerous." - Kristian Vasa
  • "A gentlemen and a spirited businessman, in spite of his challenges. If we had been a bit faster, perhaps..."- Nicola Adorno
  • "Maxwell, knowns how to show a girl a good time. I look forward to seeing him again." - Zoe De Medici
  • "The CD is in the mail, I hope you like it!" - Lydia Brooks
  • "He pays well and isn't a total douchebag." - Lee Sena
  • "One of the more relaxed Elders of the Ivory Tower I have ever met. Makes me suspicious of what is truly going on behind that calm facade." - Sydney Faust
  • "Elder Jacobs was delightful company when I last visited Altanta. The red wine and squab were as harmonious as he had predicted. It was simply enchanting to have a private meeting where we could just relax and chat." - Eris Sonatia
  • "Just as there is a world of difference between High Church and Low Church, yet still both are religion, Maxwell highlights the difference between High Carousing and my own Low variety. He is continuing proof that the quickest route to a woman's heart is the gilded carriage, or in this case a private jet. A good friend with good advice. I should listen to it sometime. Shame about his family." - Goodman Goring
  • "Maxwell... Some may think there's something going on between us. That's far from the truth. He's one of the best friends a gal could ask for. He's always saving his lil 'Belle in her time of need. Tis a true gentleman he is. A true one."- Charlotte Belle
  • Britney Spears:Womanizer - UNKNOWN
  • "Elder Jacobs, ever the charming businessman. It is a relief to find that he is more action than the misleading facade, no matter how pretty. - Temperence Valentine
  • "Anciano Maxwell Jacobs is a Spaniard of the Old World. There is no higher compliment one can give but to acknowledge what this entails. But privately I will add, it is his mind, more then his heritage, that interests me." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "It is refreshing to meet with an elder who is willing to teach the neonates on a more personal level. Our initial talks have been promising. I look forward indeed for those to come." - Isabelle Marie
  • "I told you once and you didn't listen, so I attempted to show you the second time. Perhaps a third time the lesson will finally get through: don't always bet on black." - Maxwell Jacobs
  • "Oh I'm quite put out with him. Just when I thought I would see if he deserves the reputation he tries to cultivate, he's suddenly busy placating a Justicar. Shameless namedropping, when there are things I would far prefer, he perform, shamelessly." - Jayne Joyce
  • "I am rarely surprised by kindred. And when I am, those surprises are never pleasant. I find myself in the unusual situation of being pleased to be surprised." - Dana Gibson

  • Maxwell, in his younger years, was a notorious womanizer. Though his habits have softened considerably over the years, he is still incredibly charming, and can sometimes be seen using such skill to persuade and mollify.
  • Although his Clanmates find his connections useful, they talk behind his back about whether his indulgences really set a suitable example for younger, more impressionable Ventrue, and whether he really exemplifies the caste assigned to him by blood and age.
  • Maxwell was forged in the fires of battle in the holy land. Entire battles are lost to the ages due to his being the last man standing.
  • He has been known to sit and drink with warriors and tell stories of battles long ago.
  • As a Ventrue, he's been known to frequent the religious for his feeding restriction.
  • He is seen in the presence of Giovanni, Setites, and Assamites. Some might think he was attempting to push the boundaries of House and propriety.
  • Maxwell and the Toreador Constance have a fiery history as rivals for art and lovers. Having decided decades ago that they could never survive a romance, they compete through cat's paws to satisfy their mutual obsession.
  • He was once set upon by nine members of House Silva attempting to take their revenge for some past misdeed. He was later seen accepting their surrender.
  • He was so outraged over a minor criticism by Orenna that he orchestrated through a proxy a scheme to see her stripped of all of her status and her position as the Master Harpy of Atlanta, and has had one of his flunkies installed in her place.
  • He prophesized the fall of many prominent Kindred, and claims the title of Delphi humorously.
  • Maxwell isn't actually kindred, but something else entirely. Some have claimed he has no need to feed. Others claim he is touched by God.
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Maxwell Jacobs

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Domain:Philadelphia, PA
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