Melchor Aldonsa Valencia

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"Through unity and darkness we endure."
"Através de Unidade e escuridão perseveramos."

"A través de la Unidad y la oscuridad que soportamos."

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tri-Cities
Player: Loren Kallio
Storyteller: 'Bobda' Jacob Kestner

Character Information

Lineage: Marco Alvarez Escobar, Sire

Title: Manu Obumbrata - Dexter

Age: appears to be Forty Seven

Status: Established Confirmed Privileged, Veteran

Domain: Tri-Cities

Life in the Shadows:

Description (in lieu of photographs)

  • Melchor is a fare haired Spaniard, he prefers loose fitting clothing even if it is nolonger in style. He keeps his closet set with dark colors or just black. Standing fifty seven cm. He is no longer considered tall in the modern nights. He will a smile while drinking.

Known Information

  • Melchor is a Spaniard
  • Melchor is known among some who spent time in the Caribbean
  • Melchor hunts and kills Sabbat
  • Melchor has been recognized by Elders as a Peer

History Known by Kindred

  • 1489 Born Valencia Spain, to Aldonsa Valencia a wealthy merchant. Melchor was the last of ten children.
  • 1508 Joins Spanish Royal Navy.
  • 1512 Comes to the attention of Marco Alverez Escobar, during navel battle where Rodger (Marcos broodmate) is beaten into torpor by Sabbat fighters. Melchor uses chain balls to foul tack of the sails, beheads Sabbat vampire.
  • 1519 Fights in Germanies uprising, Defends Valencia.
  • 1523 Durring the worst of the fighting Melchor replaces dead commander, rallied comrades. With his quick thinking Melchor directs cannon fire, breaking the lines of the enemy. That same night he leads ground forces to secure city gate.
  • 1523 King Charles I, awards Melchor a command and is sent to the Americas.
  • 1525 established Puerto de la Mar base on the island of Margarita, sends for family to join him.
  • 1536 Port Royal Mampatare founded, Melchor returns to Spain aboard Gold ship.
  • 1536 Just past the Rock of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea, Shodows rise from the water, Melchor is changed.
  • 1540 Tracks band of Sabbat in southern Caribbean, sea battle ensues.
  • 1566 Lasombra clear Spain of Antitribu, Elders of house Silva escape.

  • 1625 Meets Manuel Alejandro Domingo Valdez, many games of chess.
  • 1660 Venice Italy
  • 1664 returns to San Domingo
  • 1664 Castillo San Carlos completed, foot hold for souther Atlantic crossing completed.
  • 1666 continues planning intermarriages of Kine, and Ghoul retainers
  • 1689 leaves for Spain- loses ship at Rock of Gibraltar barely escapes Sabbat Keepers.
  • 1691 finds kind kine in Barcelona.
  • 1692 (place holder)
  • 1700 returns to San Margarita
  • 1702 works with Jean-Baptiste and several other Camarilla Kindred in hunting Sabbat.

  • 1768 watches Navy of Britain move in on east coast of North America.
  • 1776 Supports New Colonial Army.
  • 1777 eats drowning salors off east coast, never sets foot on land. Places bodys of the dead on the ocean floor and praying for their souls.
  • 1881 Disapears from Kindred Society.

  • 1950 Is seen in Cuba, Giovanni disappearance rumored to be his doing.
  • 1960 Starts shipping company through retainers.
  • 1965-1988 Studys American English, delves into pop culture. Awoken from torpor by Sabbat attack.
  • 2008 Returns to semi-public view.
  • 2009 Takes over rival Shipping company, and properties in Venezuela.
  • 2010 Returns to hunting Sabbat actively, private army of retainers is used.
  • 2014 Builds Carack with modifications, uses it as floating haven.
  • 2015 Makes Northwest coast of United States in April, moves Carack up Columbia River.
  • June 2015 joins Court in the Tri-Cities Washington.
  • Mid 2015 helps Kill Infernalist Sabbat.
  • October 2015 Visits Las Vegas, meets the 'Venetian', and Elders amongst the Malkavians, Tremere.
  • December 2015 Visits Seattle durring Longest nights ball.
  • January 2015, becomes jet-setter Kindred, travels to Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Virginia, and San Juan Puerto Rico.
  • April 2016, gains peerage of Elder status.

Personal Quotes

  • "Have faith, and hold it tight" Melchor Aldonsa Valencia durring the Germaines Uprising
  • "He fears no man, no beast, no evil" Edwyn Torres
  • Remember, money is not the most important thing you’re doing. The important things are your family, making an impact, changing the world.
  • Don Valencia? That's what the Gangrel call him.


  • "Melchor is more blood thirsty than who he says he hunts" - anonymous, behind cover"
  • "I know it was him, I saw his face in Cuba. He killed him I know it". "anonymous, Italian accent"
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OOC Info

Player: Loren Kallio

MES Number: US2010066128

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