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Changeling NPC

Player: NPC
Character: Melia
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Thusser
Court: Spring
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt, Vancouver BC
VST: Nova Albion

  • Deceased.


  • Mask
The human Melia is a short, attractive, older woman with a perpetually messy mop of white hair, a face full of laugh lines, and a penchant for wildly clashing, brightly coloured outfits.
  • Mien
As a changeling, Melia is brightly coloured in all respects, with citrus-coloured skin and huge green eyes.
  • Notable Traits:
The Spring Queen is a ball of energy, perpetually in motion and given to speaking very, very quickly. This occasionally causes problems for those who would hear what she has to say due to the think Irish lilt of her voice - few seem inclined to complain, however.

Known History

  • During the Hard Year, she mostly stayed out of the fighting, providing a haven for other relative non-combatants and stripping any who came near of the desire or ability to fight.
  • Melia's human identity as a local theater company director is an open secret. She often welcome members of the Freehold to 'private master classes'.
  • At the most recent Summer Solstice, she passed the crown to Summer King by becoming incensed enough to take a swing at one of his courtiers.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • The Spring Queen is generally good natured, if somewhat given to the occasional fit of pique (as so many of her seeming are), as such, she forms many short-lived rivalries.


Quotes & Great Moments

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you my court!"
  • (Sung): "If he'd gone and asked the Spring Court, we'd be sure to put him right!"

Quotes About Them

"Seems like a fine woman. Perhaps what they say about wine is true." ~ Shotgun Awe