Melody "Mells" Nichols

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Melody "Mells" Nichols

Notable Traits: Mells is always dressed in bright neon clothing, with lots of beads. Her headphones sound with the upbeat sounds of happy hardcore music, as she bounces along to it.

Titles: None

Coteries/Societies: None

About Mells

Mells is young. This November will mark her second year of unlife as well as her twenty-first birthday. Her unlife is plagued by a mix of visions that she currently has little to no control over. She recently joined the Camarilla after escaping her haven as she foresaw werewolves attacking. She did Forewarning her sire, but as she will often say, "guy was cold. Never really could read his face." Given no sign that her sire believed her, she ran, seeking shelter among the Camarilla. It was the option presented that seemed her best bet. Numbers, structure, and decidedly NOT the Sabbat.

She finds herself under the watchful eye of the officers of the Domain of Sonoma, and is discovering very quickly just how frightening unlife can be.


Sire: Dr. Solomon*

Childer: None

Broodmates: None known

☆What Mells is unaware of, (that a leadership check will reveal) is that her sire is a serial diablerist, and enemy to the Tower. He defected to the Sabbat centuries ago, and there are rumors that he might even have been kicked out of the Sabbat, but... that HAS to be just a rumor... right??


  • "I like the young thing. She has a promise for great use if she gets past this youthful naivete. And I always had a weakness for the pretty ones." Nicholas Loring
  • "I am quite fond of the girl. I can't always keep up with her colloquialisms and energy, but at the very least, she makes for very entertaining company." Valerie
  • "New blood. One thing I can state in her favor is that she is afraid. Any fool can waltz into immortality with a heady sense of pride, flush with power and the prospect of eternity, heedless and stupid regarding what it will take to make it endure. Melody is wise. Melody is afraid. Rightly so." - Arden
  • "The young girl in the shiny clothing? Yes, that's right I offered her a favor for her dancing. Her gyrations were strange and not something I would ever want to emulate but I enjoyed learning the new culture and for that I am grateful to her. The girl might have potential, too soon to tell." - Zachariah White
  • "I'm sorry, who? Oh. I keep hoping beyond hope that someone will take her in hand, train her, and make something more than a timid mouse of her. If she manages to stand on her own rather than hiding behind her clothes and her music, she might be something worth taking notice. Of course, that's all speculation." -- Izar San Martin
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  • She has been sent by her sire to scout out potential diablerie victims
  • She is a master of interpretive dance, every time she is dancing she is sending a message to the viewer. If you can unlock the secret she will grant a life boon.
  • Attended the first rave held in San Francisco
  • Is hording boons from influential members of the courts in both Sonoma and San Francisco, when they come due what will her move be?
  • Has been targeted by The True Dusk
  • Is actually a Caitiff masquerading as a Malkavian
  • Is an Antedeluvian
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OOC Information

Player: Mira Cary

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sonoma, CA
Player: Mira Cary
Storyteller: Jon Grimmer